The Marix offer on the Italian market gets even richer: Marangoni presents its bead-to-bead cold retreaded truck tyres

Innovation combined with the best of RINGTREAD technology. Resulting in the Marix bead-to-bead cold retreaded tyre: excellent quality, performance and aesthetics.

Rovereto, Italy Quality considered as both performance and end look of the retreaded tyre is always the main Marangoni goal when developing new products and solutions. Reliability, duration and performance are indispensable requirements for a premium retreaded tyre. But there is a growing request from fleets for greater attention to detail and accuracy in tyre aesthetics.

To respond to this need on the Italian market, Marangoni has combined technology and innovation to perfect its bead-to-bead cold retreading system. A solution guaranteeing excellent results from all points of view, even aesthetically, so the retreaded tyre is as good as the new one.

For a cold retreaded tyre, this happens by covering the sidewalls with a special compound to make them more resistant to impacts and scraping, a benefit in terms of technical substance, not just appearance. For a product created by applying a BLACKLINE precured tread ring, this is combined with all the other exceptional benefits offered by the best of the Marangoni RINGTREAD: more mileage, less fuel consumption and maximum adherence in any road conditions.

The RINGTREAD System combined with shearographic control – a standard processing step for all Marangoni products manufactured in Rovereto (Italy) – also guarantees absolute reliability for the retreaded Marix tyre, with no less than 5 years guarantee. Marangoni has taken on this commitment, since it can rely on the fact that production is carried out in accordance with the highest globally recognised technological standards, based on the exclusive use of quality-tested raw materials.

Sizes available for bead-to-bead cold retreading are as follows:



315/80 R 22.5

PD National 3

PD Energeco 2

385/65 R 22.5

PT National 3

PT Energeco 3

315/70 R 22.5

PD Energeco 3

PD National 3

PD National Grip

385/55 R 22.5

PT Energeco 3

The goal is to extend the bead-to-bead cold retreading system to other sizes and profiles to satisfy customer needs and their continual requests for more performing, aesthetically perfect, retreaded tyres.