Marix M-Port: Marangoni presents the new retreaded tyre for port use

Rovereto, Italy – A tyre that guarantees versatility, efficiency, reliability and comfort for port and intermodal use: Marangoni presents M-Port. 

The retreaded tyre is in fact designed to be fitted on all the articulated positions of both the truck and trailer axles used in port operations. The new M-Port features a bi-directional tread with a very deep pattern and reinforced shoulders designed to withstand impacts and lateral friction, as well as a width that guarantees high stability. 

This all makes the tyre sturdier, giving operators greater manoeuvrability and driving comfort, significantly reducing downtime thanks to its high reliability. 

The tread depth, the high full/empty ratio and the innovative compound guarantee high performance in terms of durability during service.

The new M-Port, which expands the wide range of Marangoni Marix retreaded tyres intended for industrial handling, is available from May 2020 in the size 310/80R22.5.

Once again, thanks to a retreading process that ensures high-quality standards, Marangoni proves to be a leading company in the industry, offering a range of Marix retreaded tyres capable of addressing the increasing requirements of the market for performance, efficiency and reliability, combined with the need to reduce operating costs.

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