Marangoni’s Blackline RDG101: unbeatable grip and mileage

The all season regional RINGTREAD pattern is offering outstanding performance in Denmark to the Bach & Pedersen fleet.

Randers, Denmark – The Blackline RDG101 product has the typical features that encapture the RINGTREAD Blackline range such as its innovative tread design, a wider footprint and a high-performance compound that gives a very high mileage. This Marangoni product is a modern non-directional pattern that is used for drive axles on medium and long-distances. The 3PMSF marked pattern features a high number of blocks and sipes characterised by an “interlock” tread system ensuring good wear resistance.

It is Marangoni’s recommendation that the RDG101 is utilised on vehicles typically used for regional distribution, like those of Bach & Pedersen, a Danish company with a fleet of 52 trucks and 90 trailers that have been making use of the product in the sizes of 315/60R22,5 and 315/70R22,5.

Bach & Pedersen was established in 2010 on the foundations of two old local freight companies with their headquarters located in Randers, Bach & Søn Freight A/S and Ove Pedersen A/S. This company is dedicated to supplying transport and logistics solutions throughout Denmark by means of a comprehensive system — from pickup right through to final delivery. Since 2013, Bach & Pedersen has been growing, with it now carrying out around 1,000,000 shipments a year. With a total of 125 employees, the company also provides bulk, crane and courier services across the country.

Vulkan Randers, who have worked with Marangoni since 1975, is the chosen Marangoni RINGTREAD supplier of the Blackline RDG101 for the Bach & Pedersen fleet due to its outstanding service and high quality, which has been the base for deep cooperation and trust between the two companies. This is further illustrated by the two companies having the same philosophy: delivering the highest possible service and quality to their customers/partners.

Vulkan Randers has been working for Bach & Pedersen since the fleet’s inception in 2010. Since this time, Bach & Pedersen have gradually seen improved performances in their retread policy which has led to today’s result of around 200,000 – 225,000km mileage on the Blackline RDG101, allowing for their vehicles to spend more time on the road, eliminating downtime.

Jörgen Spanggaard Bach, Fleet & Vehicle Manager at Bach & Pedersen declared: “The optimal performance and excellent traction of this model is remarkable. The Blackline RDG101 delivered superior results, which were more than what we were expecting some years ago. Since we started to use Marangoni Blackline RDG101, we have found the perfect tyre for our company. Its high mileage also provides a lower cost per kilometre and unbeatable traction, which is very convenient during the winter season in a country like Denmark. This deep trust in our retread policy has enabled us to focus more on our core business.

Marangoni recommends the Blackline RDG101, an all season regional pattern with excellent traction, since it offers the ideal combination of grip and mileage, which is key when it comes to delivery services.

Rovereto, 31/07/2019