New Marangoni partner in Benelux

Tyre Plan Europe turns to RINGTREAD by signing an exclusivity agreement for the use of Marangoni’s premium retreading technology in the region.

Rovereto (IT) – Marangoni Retreading Systems is pleased to announce the expansion of its business in Benelux, thanks to the new partnership with Tyre Plan Europe, part of Kargro Group.

Tyre Plan Europe BVBA was established in 1988, becoming over the years one of the major players in the region specialised in the precure process. The company was from the beginning a franchisee affiliated to one of the main competitors in the retreading systems industry. Recently Tyre Plan has decided to face its future challenges by joining the RINGTREAD network by signing an exclusivity agreement for the use of the Marangoni’s premium retreading technology in the region.

Tyre Plan’s offer has always been based on premium products and high quality and by taking this step, its offer will be even more competitive. The company’s plant based in Kalmthout (near Antwerpen, Belgium), manufactures approximately 16.000 precure retreads per year. Tyre Plan runs also a hotcure retreading plant in Montfoort, Netherlands, which is supplied with compounds by Marangoni for many years.

In the past few weeks, Marangoni Retreading Systems provided the new partner with the equipment and support required to quickly and effectively become operational in the use of RINGTREAD System. Jenny Nouws, Internal Sales and Administration Manager at Tyre Plan Europe commented: “RINGTREAD was the main reason why we choose Marangoni. In fact, due to the precured tread circular shape and the absence of the usual splice, retreaded tyres made using this technology are different from any others in the market.

A further upgrade of the retreading plant’s capabilities is already scheduled for next September with the installation of a RingBuilder 3003, a completely automated Ring-application machine that enables the cushion gum to be extruded directly on the casing, skive-craters to be filled, the ring to be applied, thus, obtaining in record time a tyre ready for curing.

The words of Ko van der Heijden, Director at Tyre Plan Europe, give evidence of the role assumed by Marangoni: “We see working with Marangoni as an opportunity for the growth of our business that will offer our customers the best in retreading, thanks to high-quality products made with state-of-the-art RINGTREAD technology. We look forward to a successful long term partnership with Marangoni.

Rovereto, 09/07/2019

In the picture, from the left:
Dennis Sladek (Sales manager, OTR Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland)
Frans Steenbeek (Director, Kargro)
Kees-Jan Riemersma (Sales Director Banden Plan Europa – Kargro)
Matthias Leppert (Managing Director, Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland)
Christian Asmuth (Sales Director, Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland)