Marangoni fully integrates its European precured tread range

The new Product Manual represents the result of an important product rationalization

Rovereto (IT) – Marangoni Retreading Systems is pleased to announce the launch of its new precured tread range in which the continuing rationalisation of the company’s production and commercial operations has led to the full integration of the European product lines.

Compared to the previous edition, the new tread range now features only two brands – PRL and UNITREAD – with a significant reduction of the complexity previously caused by product overlaps.

PRL still represents the Marangoni’s performance and quality promise, enhanced by the introduction of new modern tread lines developed with high-performing compounds, distinct by the use of the “BLK” (Blackline) marking. The PRL Blackline products have been designed to guarantee the best performance in respect to the highest market expectations concerning fuel consumption, durability and grip in all road conditions. The 3PMSF winter trailer BLK PTW WSS and the regional drive mileage champion BLK PDR HM2 are two high-quality products demonstrating the company’s commitment to support and further develop its premium line of treads. The most important products of the previous Kontur line are still present in the actual PRL range.

UNITREAD’s range has been redesigned by Marangoni to offer the perfect solution for the price-oriented customer, where the central need is the lower cost of the finished product. This product family is divided into two lines: standard (STD) and BASIC. Unlike the PRL range, where most of the products are cut-to-length based on the basis of the casing size, the UNITREAD products are offered in 10 meters tread rolls. Many UNITREAD treads are also lighter and therefore particularly well suited for the retreading of casings which should be exposed to less stress, fatigue and heating during service.

The new edition of the “THE TREAD” Product Manual represents these innovations, illustrating the two updated ranges of precured tread strips and featuring numerous changes, starting with the clear distinction between the market positioning of the different Marangoni treads product lines.

As a result of the tread range rationalization, the price of some products will change accordingly to their brand and line positioning and many patterns will be available only on request, with a price level depending on the order volume. Valid alternative products/designs are always available and they have been suggested to the Marangoni Retreading Systems customers for all the patterns that have been phased out.

Rovereto, 10/06/2019