Marangoni and Fedima join forces to demonstrate the convenient mileage cost of RINGTREAD retreaded tyres

A successful workshop on quality retreading: an alternative to low-cost Asian tyres, effective in terms of mileage cost, performance and environmental impact.

Rovereto (IT) – On 10 and 11 October, 2017, as many as 25 truck tyre retailers  from all over Portugal participated in the workshop about quality retreading, held in Alcobaça and organised by Fedima Tyres with the support of Marangoni Retreading Systems.

RINGTREAD Blackline, the ultra-performance range of Marangoni’s tread rings, was prominently featured during the event focused on showing and proving – with data at hand – the great savings opportunities offered by premium retreaded tyres also for the haulage fleets that choose to use Asian low-cost tyres.

In fact, in terms of cost per kilometre, a retreaded tyre made with a quality casing and a Blackline tread ring can allow for savings up to 57% compared to a low-cost tyre from Asia.
In other words, it takes at least two low-cost tyres to compare the performance of a single premium retreaded tyre. By choosing a low-cost product, the initial saving is soon completely nullified. In fact, in order to make up the same kilometre performance of a premium quality retread, an additional tyre change must be made, resulting in additional costs and inconveniences. This will also have an environmental impact, since the two low-cost casings cannot always be retreaded. Moreover, a premium retreaded tyre also allows fuel savings, since it always has a lower rolling resistance than low-cost Asian tyres, which are known for their high fuel consumption (as proof, simply check the product label).

During the guided tour of the factory in Alcobaça, after having seen a wide selection of retreated products, participants were given the chance to learn more about the cutting-edge production processes that distinguish Marangoni’s retreading systems.
Fedima’s staff clearly and comprehensively explained the importance of the so-called casing selection phase, aimed at identifying top-quality casing, i.e. the fundamental raw material on which a new premium tread is applied, such as one of the RINGTREAD Blackline rings manufactured by Marangoni.
Enrico Centi, Marangoni’s Area Manager for Portugal, pointed out the advantages of retreading with the RINGTREAD System and introduced the latest innovations in terms of tread profiles, stirring the interest of the retailers who took part in the initiative.

This event was also an occasion to promote the circular economy and to consider the environmental and socio-economic advantages of retreading: these are the core values of the Marangoni Group, which are also shared by its partner Fedima Tyres.


Rovereto, 06/11/2017



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