Marangoni brings the tyre management solutions to Autopromotec 2017

The TBR and OTR specialists and the Fleet Advantage team present the most innovative products and services at the Bologna fair from 24 to 28 May (Hall 15 – Stand A33).

Rovereto  (IT) – The Marangoni Direct Retreading (TBR and OTR) and Services division involved in the production and direct sale of tyres and services, participates in Autopromotec with a dedicated space in Hall 15 (Stand A33). Starting from this edition of the event, the Hall 15 area will be entirely focused on tyres.

The total area dedicated to this sector is also composed of Hall 22, in which the Marangoni Group also has its usual position, presenting in synergy – through the Retreading Systems (stand C 43) and Tyre Retreading Machinery (stand A 44) divisions – the materials, technologies and machinery for retreading.

Marangoni’s third set-up, in Hall 15, is entirely dedicated to the retreading values in circular economy key. Through this space, the company intends to sensitise visitors on the proven environmental and economic benefits of retreading. A technology that reconciles with the environment and with the possibilities offered by an economy aimed at recovering materials and reusing industrial products, and not their direct disposal.

With regard to direct retreading, the exhibition range stems from the desire to increasingly support end customers in their reference market, falling within the manufacturers and distributors of vehicle and earth moving tyres in Italy and Europe, retreaded and new. Autopromotec 2017 will be Marangoni’s opportunity to meet the vast clientele and communicate significant innovations.

The commercial proposal of the Direct Retreading division is characterised by the set of products and services and, in this regard, Stand A 33 of Hall 15 will provide considerable space to Fleet Advantage, Marangoni’s offer for the global fleet tyre management, characterised by customised full-service contracts, at cost per kilometre or fixed-expense fee.

Matteo Berti, Sales Director of the Business Unit “Direct Retreading (TBR and OTR) and Services”, who recently joined the Marangoni’s team of managers, will meet the visitors together with a team that has been the subject of an important reorganisation aimed at bringing the company close to the end customer, through specialised and dedicated technical-commercial figures.

An initiative that has already gathered important results, as shown by the evidence of customers in the video “Many voices, One choice” – viewable on the stand – and in video-testimonial published on the Marangoni digital channels.

In addition to the above-mentioned Fleet Advantage, new partnerships and important services have been developed to perfect the relationship with the end customer, and this edition of Autopromotec will be the occasion to present two crucial projects for Italy, being implemented in the current year:

– “Marix Service Partner”, the initiative dedicated to retailers and focused on finding the best way to develop and sustain the retreading business at tyre resale companies;

– “Marangoni Premium Fleet”, the program dedicated to fleets and focused on sustaining retreading to achieve the highest level of effectiveness in exploiting the intrinsic value of the body.

Both projects are designed to establish long-term relationships with the customer, providing value-added tools and services.


The division product portfolio is structured in three macro-segments: truck & bus (TBR), OTR (Industrial Handling and Earth-moving) and Light Transport (Light Truck). Of these, the first two, are composed of both retreaded and new tyres.

The latest innovations and most important products for the reference markets are exposed on the stand:
– four hotcure truck tyres retreads;
– four treads for cold retreading;
– one OTR retreaded tyre;
– and finally, three new truck tyres.

The retreading market, the Marangoni’s core business, is characterised by a complete proposal, composed of high-quality products and performances, realised through the hot and cold retreading.

The exposed range is made of bead-to-bead hotcure products, such as the Marix MT National 3 (385/65R22,5): a recently introduced super-single tyre characterised by the polyvalence of use (M+S marking) and by an excellent mileage output.

The offer of cold retreaded tyres is represented at the fair through a series of tread samples. Among these, the Marix PD National HM3 (315/70R22.5), a 3PMSF characterised by an extremely high mileage, and designed for use on the motor axis of high-power vehicles and drive torque that operate mainly on particularly severe routes, on national and regional distances.

Both of these products benefit from an original tread design and advanced mixtures developed by the Marangoni’s Advanced R&D Centre.

The offer in the truck segment is completed by the new tyre through first and second Marangoni and Kama branded tyres. The latter is a Russian brand of which Marangoni holds the exclusivity for marketing in Italy and other European countries. Both lines are present on the stand with some of the most interesting products for the reference market.

The wide specialised range of Marangoni for the OTR segment (Industrial Handling and Earth-Moving) is represented on the stand by Marix MDT 24.00R35, a tread profile especially suitable for use on dumper and characterised by a deep sculpture and widened base. The special low heat development mixture used for the tread guarantees an excellent hourly output.


Rovereto, 24/05/2017