Marangoni Industrial Tyres increase prices beginning the 1st February

Rovereto (IT) – Marangoni Industrial Tyres announces that it will increase the sales price up to 6% for all products in its division beginning February 1st .

The increase has become necessary in view of the situation involving international prices of raw materials, which have been subject to strong tension in the last few months, due to multiple factors.

The most crucial factors are the demand increase, weakness of the Euro compared to the Dollar and the spike in the price of natural rubber, which has almost doubled in the last 12 months.

The current phenomenons have, with all likelihood, determined the need to apply further price increases in the short term.

The materials that are most subject to this economic situation are the polymers, first of all natural rubber, one of the main ingredients used in the products compounds within the “Industrial Tyres” division.