Marangoni technology and services improve your performance: the Recicla case

Recicla confirms the success of a technical and commercial partnership that proves how combining attention to customer needs and flexibility leads to great results

Rovereto (Italy) – Listen to customer needs, fully understand them, provide real solutions, upgrading the supplied product and the customer service are the three phases of the best dealer approach, even if they are often “easy to say but difficult to do”. That’s not true for Marangoni. Today, we can proudly say Marangoni is able to provide, on a “day to day” basis, real, economical and high quality solutions to our customers’ needs.

In particular, we want to tell you about our experience with Recicla, through the voice of those who not only work with our products every day, but have found a partner able to interpret their needs and thus improve productivity. This is because the focus is on our customers, those who use our products and services, those who with their own voices are willing to communicate the results they attained together with Marangoni.



Since 2001, Recicla operates in the environmental technology sector and provides solutions for the management of waste materials. Operating in various locations in Italy, the organization has fifteen employees who carry out hard work that requires the flawless efficiency of the equipment used. In particular, the handling of materials inside the production facilities is at the heart of Recicla’s work and is done using wheel loaders. The wheels of these vehicles operate in very harsh conditions: slippery surfaces, high temperatures (about 70°C), heavy loads, and efficient engines to cover distances as quickly as possible. Vehicle downtime due to a damaged tyre can trigger a chain reaction that results in considerable economic damage.

Marangoni studied Recicla’s needs and developed a compound and a specific tread pattern, designed to resist cuts and tears, so that its retreaded tyres can work on hot and slimy surfaces at full load. The result has been a marked increase in Recicla’s productivity, with reduced management time and costs. Marangoni retreaded tyres with the specially developed MRT and MLD tread patterns have even proven to ensure better performance than new premium tyres mounted as original equipment. In addition to requiring less downtime for routine replacements, Marangoni’s retreaded tyres have proven to be less subject to unexpected replacements, which previously were often caused by punctures. Ultimately, the customer enjoys an economic benefit as a result of significant savings on the average hourly cost compared to the best solutions provided by the competition, and in addition it can rely on products that meet its needs.

For this reason, we have chosen Recicla for a video testimonial: a clear example of how the Marangoni Group, thanks to experience, technology, and the completeness of its services, is able to offer not just the best retreads, but the best solutions designed based on the specific needs of its customers.


Rovereto, 17/11/2016