Marangoni’s winter range is expanding and focuses on quality.

For an experienced carrier the use of retreaded tyres is the most logical choice for the cold season. Today, with the introduction of new treads, Marangoni aims to increase its leadership in this market segment, especially with RINGTREAD, its premium line.

Rovereto (Italy) – We are now at the doorstep of the cold season, a particularly critical period for tyres, called on to ensure maximum grip and safety even at low temperatures and under difficult winter conditions. Marangoni’s retreads, thanks largely to RINGTREAD premium products, has won the favor of users to carry out their usual winter tyre replacement.

The key to success lies in the combination of reliability, high mileage, and lower cost. While these are intrinsic characteristics in all retreads based on Marangoni technology and products, it is in the most extreme situations that they perform the best. It is therefore in the winter segment that Marangoni retreads maximize their advantages. They offer similar performance to the high quality brand new tyres, representing the best alternative by far.

The additional key to success in this segment is the variety of patterns and compounds which lead to a wide range of solutions, each one able to meet different and more extreme performance requirements.

It is for this reason that the Marangoni Group continues to invest in research on new compounds and the development of ever more efficient designs, adapting to new dimensional requirements of new next-generation tyres. Just now, the already broad range of Marangoni precured rings and tread strips is bolstered by new products making their debut simultaneously all over Europe.

The range of RINGTREAD rings is the one that has the most significant innovations in the winter segment. The following are the major changes.

The RINGTREAD RDW MS9 pattern is a product developed to achieve very high performance both on long distance and regional routes. This pattern has also attained 3PMSF certification, the highest recognition in terms of grip for this category.

RINGTREAD WSS, a pattern for trailers in the most extreme conditions, where besides the 3PMSF certification, it is the first solution for the M+S retread for the latest generation of “wide super single” tyres (445/45R19.5).

The main innovation for traditional strips is the PRL MS101L, a 3PMSF certified four season design for the drive axle of light transport vehicles.