Marangoni Industrial Tyres – Sri Lanka

Contrary to what was reported in several recent articles, the possible 75 million dollar investment in Sri Lanka only involves Marangoni indirectly.

The news in fact does not refer to the industrial tyre segment, but rather to a hypothetical transfer of technology to a Sri Lanka-based investor – Ceylon Steel Corporation – discussed as part of a possible joint venture in the passenger car tyre sector.
Following the suspension of passenger car tyre production in Europe back in 2014, Marangoni has begun negotiations to sell its production plants to the Ceylon Steel Corporation.

Marangoni has been operating its own industrial tyre manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka since 2008. The plant was opened when production capacity in this segment at the original Rovereto site was no longer sufficient. At the same time, the location of the plant has allowed the company to exploit the possibility to enter and supply its products to new international markets.

The Sri Lanka plant was designed and built using the most advanced technology. This means that Marangoni not only has one of the most modern industrial tyre production facilities in the country, but also the possibility to rapidly adapt production capacity to demand, in a sector that is growing strongly.

At the plant Marangoni also manufactures Eltor Evo solid forklift tyres. This is a top-of-the-range product in the industrial tyre segment and stands out in particular for its low rolling resistance, low heat production and very high hourly performance.