Marangoni: quality all the way at Reifen Essen 2016

Marangoni exhibits at Reifen Essen 2016 with a strong focus, not only on its core business, Retreading, but also on  strengthening and further developing the concept of “quality retreads”.

In Europe, the current market situation is characterized by a dichotomy: the significant presence of low cost Chinese tyres which cannot be retreaded and the simultaneous existence of a large quality market with casings that can be efficiently retreaded in such a way that the resulting tyres are increasingly similar to new ones. In fact, the Marangoni Ringtread system is primarily intended for the high quality casings segment. Ringtread is the only retreading system that uses precured, circular, spliceless tread rings that adhere to the casing without any tension or deformation of the tread pattern, thus always ensuring the highest performance.

To meet the demands of this advanced market, the new patterns of the Ringtread Blackline range, created by the R&D division have the goal of minimizing rolling resistance without compromising mileage.

Therefore, the two new Ringtread Blackline lines, RDL FE and RTL FE are characterized by their very low rolling resistance which increases fuel efficiency while extending mileage.
The RDL FE tread is intended for drive axles, with 16.5 mm deep grooves designed for the 70 and 60 series.
In contrast the RTL FE is intended for non-drive axles for long distance transport, with 11.5 mm deep grooves designed for S55 tyres.
Both are original Marangoni tread designs for operators in the long distance transport segment. The rings are constructed with a newly developed compound able to provide both grip and mileage, ensuring extremely low rolling resistance and decreased fuel consumption.

Marangoni is nevertheless aware of the fact that the market is also made up of lesser quality casings or those which are otherwise fatigued by “previous lives”. Never forgetting its commitment to quality, Marangoni has also expanded its Unitread line with two new tread strip lines characterized by a reduced tread depth in order to minimize stress on the casing.
The two new treads are: UZA L and UDY MML.
UZA L has a linear M+S, all position design for general use, with 13.5 mm deep grooves and suitable for 230-240-250 mm casings.
UDY MML has a tread designed for the drive axle and is intended for mixed use, with 17.5 mm deep grooves and suitable for 240-250-260 mm casings.

During the trade show Marangoni will also exhibit its most advanced building machine, the RINGBUILDER 3003, a completely automated Ring-application machine that enables the cushion gum to be extruded directly on the casing, skive-craters to be filled, the ring to be applied and properly stitch-rolled, thus, in record time, obtaining a tyre ready for curing.
In this way, all the operations will fall into one fully automated processing cycle that ensures high productivity, requires limited manpower, and decreases processing times. In particular, the new RB3003 intended for large retreaders is a high-productivity machine, producing up to 300 tyres/8 hr shift and thanks to some technical improvements over the previous version, the loading and unloading of the tyre is carried out automatically. There are already 20 units with this technology installed worldwide.

Marangoni has of course not forgotten about the smaller retreaders, processing lesser quantities of up to 50 tyres/8 hr shift. For them there will be a 3D presentation of the new Ringbuilder Saturn, Marangoni’s latest technology marvel.