Marangoni: from CEVA Logistics to the new Technical Sales Managers

Marangoni Spa and CEVA Logistics, one of the leading logistics operators in the world, just signed a major multi-year collaboration agreement for the transport and distribution of tires, both retreaded and new to dealers and direct customers in Italy.

After an initial test period limited to four regions, the agreement now covers 80% of Italy and aims to cover nearly the entire country in the near future.

For Marangoni the partnership with CEVA Logistics is a natural outcome of a strongly pursued and complex project called “Rete 2.0”, which mainly involved Marangoni’s sales division operating in the Italian market and its own logistics service.

In particular, the evolution involving Marangoni and which has led to the introduction of Technical Sales Managers (Responsabili Tecnici Commerciali – RTC) must be considered in the context of in a highly competitive market characterized by an ever greater presence of new tires at low prices, greater attention to the final customer, customers who are increasingly attentive to reliability, performance, and quality of service, and finally, the presence of independent distributors of new tires which are very competitive in terms of price, assortment, and fast delivery.

Consequently, Marangoni needed to not only speed up delivery times, given the industry trend to maintain small inventories, but also to improve the professionalism and consulting capacity of its sales force. Thus the prior model used not only in consultation activities, but also in the collection of casings, was found to no longer be adequate for the present needs.

Brenno Benaglia, Sales Manager of Marangoni Commercial & Industrial Tyres, says: “This partnership will enable us to further improve reliability and speed due to CEVA’s outstanding operational capabilities and flexibility. In addition, we will further enhance the quality of service offered with our new Technical Sales Managers, who will be completely devoted to the selection of casings and the marketing of our products, both new and retreaded”. Throughout the partnership period, CEVA will pick up the tires to be retreaded and transfer them to the Marangoni plant in Rovereto. Once processed CEVA will pick them up again and distribute them in Italy.

This contract will allow Marangoni to better integrate transport and production, ensuring full traceability of the reverse logistics and distribution flow.


Rovereto, 20.04.2016