New Marangoni partner in Spain

The major changes that the retreading industry has been undergoing in recent years, together with the actions implemented by Marangoni Retreading Systems to align its offering to customer needs, have led to an increase in the number of Marangoni partners around the world.

Specifically, Marangoni Retreading Systems is pleased to announce the expansion of its business in Spain, thanks to the new partnership with Louzán S.L., one of Spain’s leading quality retreaders.

Louzán S.L. was founded in the 1940s in Galicia, with tyre retreading as its core business. Over the years the company has, due to increasing demand, expanded its business to offer other services for fleets, also opening ten sales outlets that ensure extensive territorial coverage and allow the company to promptly respond to customer requests.
Louzán S.L. has placed the emphasis of its philosophy on quality, in terms of both services and performance: the analysis of customer needs takes into consideration the type of vehicle, route and use, and consequently allows the company to always propose the best solution.

“Our partnership with Marangoni Retreading Systems”, stated Jesus Louzán, retreading manager, “means we can offer our customers the best in retreading: the RINGTREAD is the only jointless circular retread that adheres perfectly to the casing, without any tension or deformation. This guarantees faster processing times and less waste, giving performance levels that are equivalent to and/or better than those of new tyres”.

“Tests conducted on different drive tyres have shown that Ringtread can guarantee the same or higher mileage than an original tread, as well as a lower cost per kilometre, better heat dispersion and the same appearance as an original tyre …”

Jesus Louzán continued: “Our object is to help the end user keep costs down, by using highly reliable tyres that can guarantee higher efficiency, avoiding the risk of vehicle downtime, optimising operating costs per kilometre and thus providing the level of competitiveness required by the market”.

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