Marangoni Earthmover Tyres: the partnership with the market grows stronger

The Marangoni Group, recognised world leader in the retreading sector, is also an important supplier of earthmover retreads in Europe: the company offers a precise response for efficiency and cost savings expressed in an even more competitive market.

Luca Mai, Sales Executive Manager for Marangoni Commercial and Earthmover Tyres, stated: “By adopting a high-quality and particularly customer-oriented retreading process, Marangoni Marix tyres can ensure excellent performance levels that are equivalent to those of premium-brand new tyres, guaranteeing considerable reductions in hourly costs and representing the best possible response to the market needs for efficiency and cost savings. The increased focus on the environment theme it has further strengthened the value of supplies that take into consideration the environment and the saving in terms of raw materials with the consequent reduction of tires scraps, ensuring a competitive hourly costs and giving a tyre a second or even a third life, in some cases. As well as being an excellent solution to give premium brand tyres a second life, Marix Marangoni retreaded tyres are also extremely competitive against low-cost new Asian-made tyres, as well as having a much lower hourly cost than the latter.”

Luca Mai says “We trust in retreading and in our growth and so we started a reinforcement of our sales organization in order to be closer to our dealers/distributors, increasing our presence in this market with new people for sales and support team and a fine-tuning of the European areas”.
Underlining this point, the recent acquisition of Recamax Reifen GmbH has allowed Marangoni, not only strengthens its position in Germany, but to further improve its service levels to German customers, specifically regarding logistics, service, and technical-product consulting.

The significant investments that Marangoni made in 2015 in modernizing its plant in Rovereto, included the installation of the latest generation of Banbury mixer to improve the quality of earthmoving tread compounds, making them more performing for heavy-duty applications, the introduction of new rubber compounds for specific applications and a shearography machine. The shearographic technology identifies all possible defects, both during initial inspection of the casing and final testing of the retread, further improving the already high quality standard of Marix Marangoni retreaded earthmover tyres.

To allow its dealers to keep customers better informed about the retread tyres on their machine fleets, Marangoni has introduced the new software program “Marangoni Tyre Control System” and the Tyre Management. The Tyre Control System helps its dealer network to monitor tyres on customer fleets and customers to maintain them. These specific programs have been launched with the support of its marketing department, coordinated by Giovanni De Bei, Marketing Manager Industrial a & Retread.

The company demonstrates once again its commitment to constantly improving its products and services offering in order to maximize the customer satisfaction, minimize the total cost of ownership, to give its contribute to the green economy saving raw materials.