Marangoni and Auto & Truck Tyres: latest generation technology at the Wadeville plant

Just a few months after the commencement of the new partnership between the Marangoni Group and Leader Rubber Co. S.A., the foremost South African company in the retreading materials sector, aimed at supporting the Italian Group’s development in the promising African markets, the first important results are already evident.  

Auto & Truck Tyres (A&TT), one of the leading South African suppliers of new and retreaded tyres, as well as the biggest retreader in the region, has placed its trust in the Marangoni Group’s experience and technological know-how to completely upgrade its plant located in Wadeville, in the Johannesburg metropolitan area.

This large A&TT retreading plant produces a little under 1000 retreaded truck tyres a day, using precured material supplied by Leader Rubber Company and Ringtread rings, and now aims to exploit the latest Italian-made Marangoni/TRM technology to achieve very high quality and efficiency standards.
The latest generation machinery installed includes the Giotto 3000 buffing machine, Black Swan 3000 cushion gum applicator and Constrictor 3000 building machines.

The 3000 line, part of Marangoni’s tried-and-tested machinery range, is designed for plants with high daily output, guaranteeing up to around 120 tyres per shift.

The Giotto 3000 is an ultra-automatic buffing machine with very high production capacity, ensuring exceptional precision and quality of the buffed profiles.

The Black Swan 3000, on the other hand, is a fully automatic machine that both applies the cushion gum and retreads the tyre or reinforces sidewalls, all without using adhesive solutions and thus avoiding solvent emissions in the atmosphere.

Finally, with the addition of the Constrictor 3000 building machines, A&TT will be able to count on ultra-automatic machines that ensure very high production capacity, managing strip application with constant tension and thus ensuring perfect balance and perfectly regular tread wear.
The installation of this latest generation technology at the A&TT plant and, above all, the new partnership with Leader Rubber Company, further confirms and reinforces the Marangoni Group’s ongoing international development strategy adopted in recent decades. 

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