Marangoni: increased Ringtread production at Reifen Müller

Marangoni Retreading Systems is pleased to announce the installation of a new Ringbuilder 3003 (an optimised version of the highly-efficient Ringbuilder 3000) at the plant operated by Reifen Müller GmbH, one of Europe’s largest retreaders.

Ringbuilder 3003 is a completely automatic combination of extruder and applicator, and features a mobile touchscreen as human-machine interface. The only actions that the operator needs to perform manually are loading and removing the casing, and placing the rings on the divaricator fingers. The machine automatically recognises the casing so as to position the cushion gum and wingformer. The laser centering device ensures precise alignment and correct positioning of the ring on the casing (with the possibility of fine manual adjustment).

Using RINGTREAD technology, the plant can turn out 200 tyres every eight hour shift, occupying limited space and guaranteeing a high degree of automation, which means greater productivity and faster cycle times.

Reifen Müller, a long-established Marangoni partner, was the first retreading company in Europe to use Ringbuilder technology and, considering the results achieved, decided to add other similar machines to its production line.

Uwe Müller, owner and managing director of the German company, clarified the reasons for this choice as follows: “The advantages of the tyres made in our plant using Ringtread technology were immediately clear, both to us and our customers, and indeed demand has grown constantly. Uniform processing and excellent values in terms of concentricity and balance mean that our product offers clear advantages over tyres made using traditional flat strips. Our mission is to offer our customers tyres that are absolutely reliable, guaranteeing the highest performance and reduced vehicle downtime, and consequently economic benefits. In this way, they don’t buy ‘just’ a retreaded tyre”.