Marangoni Retreading Systems further extends its Ringtread Blackline Winter range

In line with its strategy to boost sales on fast-growing markets in the high-end segments, Marangoni Retreading Systems has further consolidated its position in northern European markets with the completion of its winter line of tread rings. Following the introduction of the WS101, it has now released a tread ring for trailers: WSS, an innovative profile designed for all winter conditions in European countries, especially Norway and Sweden, the natural market for winter tyres with high performance profiles. Indeed, these profiles account for around 60% of total demand in Sweden, demand that is growing strongly.

This new generation pattern meets the requirements of the extremely selective Scandinavian market, where strict rules are in place and where super-single trailer tyres are expected to make an important contribution in terms of lateral stability and braking, above all on roads covered with ice or compact snow.
Symmetrical tread featuring 3D siping and exclusive twisterlock technology.
The square tread profile means an exceptionally wide footprint that ensures grip also in the most extreme conditions typical of Nordic countries, roads covered with snow, at times compact snow, and ice, and where safe driving is essential, while at the same time offering good mileage and exceptional braking and steering.
The wide transversal grooves on the shoulders ensure a mesh effect that brings maximum performance when stopping, and at the same time facilitate drainage and keep the tread “clean” of snow and ice at all times.
The new WSS tread is Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) approved, meaning it is suitable for use in severe winter conditions.
The Marangoni MS product line not only includes sizes with M+S marking, but also 3PMSF.

Marangoni monitors and encourages proposals relating to the introduction of 3PMSF approval procedures for retreads, currently only applicable to new tyres.
Marangoni retreaded products are tested in compliance with ECE Regulation 117 Rev.3: the tyre being tested, fitted on a vehicle, is compared against a reference tyre on compact snow, and over six test sessions must guarantee performance, in terms of traction and braking, that exceeds the performance of the reference tyre by at least 25%.

Ringtread Blackline 3PMSF retreads have passed such suitability tests with flying colours, not only due to the dense and deep siping that improve tyre hold on more slippery roads, but also thanks to the use of high performance compounds suitable for low temperatures that ensure the best possible grip on typically tricky winter surfaces. The main advantages of using these special compounds include better rebound at the low temperatures recorded in more northerly areas, thus avoiding crystallisation of the tread, as well as reduced rolling resistance and longer tread rubber life in the most stressful conditions.

The Blackline range is manufactured using the Ringtread system, the only retreading process that uses joint-free precured rings that adhere to the casing without tension or deformation of the tread pattern, ensuring excellent traction on demanding surfaces, thanks to the greater precision and directional stability of the siping and blocks.

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