Marangoni Earthmover Tyres: MADN profile in new sizes added to the Marix range for quarry-construction applications

Marangoni Earthmover Tyres, the Marangoni Group business unit specialised in earthmover tyre retreading, announce the expansion of its range of Marix retreads for quarry-construction applications, with the introduction of the MADN profile in sizes 775/65R29 and 875/65R29, made using Recaflex technology and featuring deeper tread E4 and L4 patterns.

This is a non-directional profile, used on articulated dumpers and loaders, featuring excellent traction and high resistance to cuts and chipping during operation. The “self-cleaning” tread has a deep and solid pattern that gives the profile stability even on soft ground (mud) and strength on rough and aggressive terrain (stones/rocks).

The flexibility of its Research & Development centre and close collaboration with customers allows Marangoni Earthmover Tyres to customise its products, not simply offering the most appropriate profile for each specific application, but also proposing patterns developed specifically in consideration of the casing to be retreaded, the pattern depth and the consequent outside diameter of the retreaded tyre. The use of purposely-designed compounds for individual applications means user requirements can be fulfilled from all points of view.
In a sector – quarry-construction applications – where product evolution is quite intense, Marangoni is focusing on strengthening its offering through development of tyres designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users, with custom profiles, casings and compounds tailor-made to suit different operating conditions and user requirements.

By adopting a high-quality retreading process, Marangoni Marix tyres can ensure excellent performance levels that are equivalent to those of premium-brand new tyres, guaranteeing considerable reductions in cost per hour and representing the best possible response to the market needs for efficiency and cost savings. As well as being an excellent solution to give premium brand tyres a second life, Marix retreaded tyres are also extremely competitive against low-cost Asian-made new tyres, as well as having a much lower cost per hour.

At the company’s Rovereto plant (Italy), a new machine is being installed that uses shearographic technology to identify all possible defects, both during initial casing inspection and final testing of the retreaded product, thus further improving the already high quality standards of Marangoni Marix retreaded earthmover tyres. 

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