Marangoni Earthmover Tyres: earthmover retread, a customer-oriented quality choice

The Marangoni Group, recognised world leader in the retreading sector, is also an important supplier of earthmover retreads in Europe: the company offers a precise response to the need for efficiency and cost savings expressed in this market.

The flexibility of its Research & Development centre and close collaboration with customers allows Marangoni Earthmover Tyres to customise its products, not simply offering the most appropriate profile for each specific application, but also proposing patterns developed specifically in consideration of the casing to be retreaded and the tread depth. The use of purposely-designed compounds for individual applications further fulfils user requirements.

Luca Mai, Sales Executive Manager for Marangoni Earthmover Tyres, stated: “By adopting a high-quality and particularly customer-oriented retreading process, Marangoni Marix tyres can ensure excellent performance levels that are equivalent to those of premium-brand new tyres, guaranteeing considerable reductions in hourly costs and representing the best possible response to the market needs for efficiency and cost savings. As well as being an excellent solution to give premium brand tyres a second life, Marix Marangoni retreaded tyres are also extremely competitive against low-cost new Asian-made tyres, as well as having a much lower hourly cost than the latter. Cost reduction is one of the most important factors for businesses operating in this market segment, second only to the employee safety”.

Luca Mai continued: “Marangoni is committed to constantly upgrading its range of retreaded earthmover and industrial tyres. Worth mentioning are our new products for loaders and transport vehicles used in underground mines, the LISSE and MS profiles in the size 18.00R25, and the MRN pattern in size 29.5R29. We have also extended our range in the quarry-site segment, with the introduction of the MADN profile in sizes 775/65R29 and 875/65R29”.

Through its network of branches, area managers and specialist distributors, Marangoni Earthmover Tyres can also provide end users with technical support and qualified service. Underlining this point, Luca Mai said: “For example, our recent acquisition of Recamax Reifen GmbH not only strengthens our position in Germany, but will allow us to further improve our service levels to German customers, specifically regarding logistics, service, and technical-product consulting”.

Moreover, a machine has recently been installed at the Rovereto plant that uses shearographic technology to identify all possible defects, both during initial inspection of the casing and final testing of the retread, further improving the already high quality standard of Marix Marangoni retreaded earthmover tyres.

Marangoni is one of the first European retreader to have introduced shearographic technology into its production system, so as to verify the suitability of earthmover tyre casings, a fact that once again demonstrates the company’s commitment to constantly improving its product offering.