New Marangoni Industries Manutention site inaugurated

Marangoni Industries Manutention, one of the Marangoni Group’s French subsidiaries, has recently inaugurated a new logistics and distribution site in Louvres, near Paris.

This opening confirms the Marangoni Group’s interest in the French market and further strengthens its presence in an area where, through this subsidiary, it has a leading position in sales and service for material handling equipment tyres.
Marangoni Industries Manutention in fact offers a complete range of products and services for this market segment: from resilient tyres to press on bands and pneumatic tyres, and even the filling of the latter with polyurethane foam.

The true strength of Marangoni Industries Manutention is its ability to ensure extensive service throughout France, thanks to its infrastructure that not only comprises its two sites in Louvres and Vaulx en Velin, near Lyon, but also the availability of vans equipped with mobile presses that can reach customers anywhere for on-site tyre fitting. Having two storage depots in strategic areas of the country allows the company to best organise its distribution network and rapidly reach any area, with a complete service that can quickly meet customer needs.

Bruno Krausch, sales manager for M.I.M., stated: “We are a company that is able to respond quickly and expediently to all of our customer needs, through a structure that is extremely well organised and efficient and allows us to be competitive at all levels.”

The new Louvres site, with a 2500 sq.m storage area, confirms the company’s capability to be ready to respond to the evolutions in a market that, in recent years, has been changing very quickly.