Marangoni Commercial Tyres upgrades its website

Marangoni Commercial Tyres is pleased to announce that the website has been completely upgraded in terms of contents, so as to offer customers and users a platform of knowledge, updates and information on our many products and benefits of using Marix retreads.

The Marix range is now divided into specific, new segments, the most important of which are presented and summarised on a chart that clearly and immediately illustrates the correct use and level of performance of the products in that specific group.

The site is easy and fast to navigate: simply clicking on the product name opens the page describing the profile, with an image of the tyre and complete information on the product’s features and applications.

The range obviously also comprises the latest pattern made by Marangoni: PD Winter S101, a specialist tread for use in severe winter conditions, roads covered by ice and compact snow, on the drive axles of vehicles that mainly work over long distances.

Other important news concerns the pages highlighting the Marix brand, the series of Ecoenergy tyres and the benefits of choosing Marix retreads.

There is also considerable space devoted to technology, Marangoni’s main strength. Marangoni has in fact developed innovative retreading technology for moulding treads, and highly performance compounds. Marix can benefit from scientific research, technological investments and control of casings that have allowed standards of efficiency to be achieved that were once unthinkable.

For those who are new to the brand, there is also a page describing the logic behind the names of the product range. is user-friendly and easy to navigate, guaranteeing fast, intuitive and enjoyable access to the content. A tool that Marangoni Commercial Tyres provides users so as to help them rapidly identify the best product for their specific needs, remain constantly up-to-date and use the products more efficiently. 

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