Marangoni Retreading Systems: super wide singles, the future of road transport around the world

The super wide segment, in other words, tyres with a tread width exceeding 325 mm, has been growing exponentially all over the world for some years now.
These tyres have been used in Europe as trailer tyres for many years, however more recently they have started to be used also in North America and their applications have progressively extended to cover drive and front tyres.

Super wide single tyres are used in place of twin wheels, bringing evident benefits and sure savings for fleets: considerable fuel savings (up to 6%), a wider tread footprint and better stability, extra load due to the reduction in overall vehicle weight, no need to rotate tyre position on the vehicles, easier maintenance and lower purchase costs, being one tyre only.
The fuel savings ensured by these super wide tyres with low rolling resistance mean these products come with the highest labelling classification in terms of fuel consumption, as certified by the SmartWay program.

The dimensions of these tyres make retreading with the Ringtread system especially advantageous, due to the circular shape and the absence of the usual joint and lack of uniformity in distribution of the material applied, typical of traditional precured strips.

RINGTREAD is in fact the only retreading system that uses jointless precured rings that adhere to the casing without any tension or deformation of the tread pattern, ensuring excellent traction on demanding surfaces, thanks to the greater precision and directional stability ensured by the siping and blocks.

Marangoni Retreading Systems, constantly pursuing the goal of technological development and striving to anticipate and meet the increasingly demanding needs of fleets, has decided to take on a new challenge: the design and development of new tread patterns, new purpose-designed compounds, and a special press for the production of tread rings up to 450 mm wide.
This machine stands out for the very high specific moulding pressure, thus ensuring the renowned benefits of the Ringtread. The press can be fed both in the traditional manner, with extruded sections of rubber, or using one or two extruders to make the process completely automatic.
The new press will be installed at the company’s Italian production plant as an addition to the existing one, thus doubling production capacity: the future of road transport.