Reifen Müller: The millionth retreaded tyre, a Ringtread Blackline

Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland GmbH wishes to congratulate Reifen Müller from Hammelburg. Yesterday it made its millionth tyre, and it was a Ringtread Blackline retread.

Ringtread is the only joint-free precured retreading system capable of producing retreaded tyres that rival, and indeed even surpass, the quality of new tyres.
Ringtreads adhere completely to the casing, without tension and without any deformation of the profile, guaranteeing high mileage and total safety on any type of road surface. This retreading technology, combined with the use of shearographic inspection and nail-hole detection, ensures a perfect retreaded tyre.

At Reifen Müller, retreading is not an instant process: only when the casing and the tread strips are a perfect match for each other can a quality tyre live its second or third life. Reifen Müller therefore not only applies the most recent casing inspection techniques, but also the very high quality of Marangoni retreading materials. The main product used is the cold retreading material for the Ringtread line, in the high-end Blackline version. Transport and delivery businesses can therefore rely on the most extensive know-how. In peak season, the Hammelburg factory turns out around 350 tyres a day.

In 2012, a second Ringbuilder 3000 machine was installed at Reifen Müller. This is an integrated combination of cushion gum extrusion and ring application, introduced onto the market several years ago and synonymous with maximum productivity and the highest quality.

With Ringtread technology, the plant can produce 200 retreads in each 8 hour shift. The high level of automation guarantees high productivity, savings in labour and faster processing times. In addition, this process eliminates the wasted off-cuts of rubber resulting from preparation of tread strips. The RB 3000 is a completely automatic machine, in which the cushion gum is applied directly onto the casing, filling any craters and allowing perfect application and rolling of the tread rings. Reifen Müller was the first tyre retreading company in Europe to use RB 3000 technology, and based on the results achieved, then decided to purchase a second machine. Uwe Müller, owner and managing director of the German company, is optimistic about this machine, confident that it will further improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of the cold retreading process.
And success came quickly: 1 million tyres produced. Our sincere congratulations!