Renova retreaded truck tyres by Marangoni: keep down running costs while ensuring maximum reliability and excellent value for money.

Marangoni is introducing the new Renova range of retreaded truck tyres (, developed specifically to keep down costs and ensure reliability.
As experts know only too well, casing quality and availability is one of the most important aspects for the expansion of the retreading industry.
The possibility to best exploit this important resource is nonetheless dependent on the retreader’s ability to correctly select and retread different types of casings, according to their characteristics and their future use, using materials and processes that respond to these specific requirements.
Only the most advanced companies, such as Marangoni, are able to get the highest possible performance (mileage, rolling resistance, grip etc.) from both premium tyre and less robust casings, the latter being retreadable when correctly processed and recapped with suitable materials.
By differentiating its offering through the introduction of the Renova range, Marangoni can today meet the needs of all users.
The Renova range comprises classic tread patterns suitable for the most common uses, and is prevalently made up of cold retreaded tyres.


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