Marangoni: the cold retreaded winter range for 2014/2015

Marangoni Retreading Systems is pleased to present its updated range of cold-retreaded winter tyres for the 2014/2015 season; the lines have been extended and completed so as to cover all needs: from all-season profiles to patterns suitable for wet roads, snow and ice.

The Marangoni winter range, in fact, has been designed to provide specific solutions for the different road conditions typical of winter, from the combination of wet, dry and snow-covered roads typical of central Europe, to the more complicated conditions that are so easily found in Nordic countries. Bringing together excellent performance on snow and ice and exceptional traction, the range covers both regional and long distance applications.

The profiles have been developed using high performance compounds suitable for low temperatures that ensure the best possible grip on typically tricky winter surfaces. The main benefits of using these special compounds include better rebound at low temperatures and reduced rolling resistance, as well as longer tread rubber life in extremely stressful conditions. These compounds also allow the tyre to work at lower temperatures in operating conditions that normally cause overheating, ensuring reduced casing fatigue and longer life.

The current Marangoni winter range includes numerous profiles, in the form of both rings and strips, covering different applications for all road surfaces.

The most innovative pattern in the winter range is the new Ringtread Blackline WS101.

This bi-directional tread pattern features a variable block arrangement and deep 3D siping with interlock technology; specifically, the square tread profile means an exceptionally wide footprint that maximises grip on the road, allowing the tread to adapt to continuous changes in both road and weather conditions during operation.
These features mean excellent control on wet, snow-covered surfaces, even in the presence of compact snow and ice, thanks to dense transversal siping that optimise tread footprint, improving grip even in the most extreme conditions.
In addition, the wide opening of the shoulders means that the tread is constantly kept “clean” of any snow and ice; the reinforcing bridges on the side ribs provide stability on softer ground (snow, mud), resistance to very aggressive road surfaces (ice) and more regular wear, even when the tread is used for periods on non-winter roads.
Finally, this tread is the first to be marked with the Marangoni logo directly on the pattern.

Marangoni has also extended its winter range of PRL strips, with the introduction of the MS101L profile.

This is an all-season pattern whose characteristics make it especially suitable for winter use on vehicles doing deliveries over short distances, guaranteeing good traction on both dry and wet surfaces.
All the PRL profiles are supplied to northern Europe markets by our Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland subsidiary, located in Hamburg, which profits from its geographic location and keeps a complete stock of winter range products.

In addition, the increasing demand for the 70 series has led to the expansion of the MS6 and MS9 lines with the addition of new lengths.

All the patterns are 3PMSF approved, being designed and moulded using compounds and patterns that are perfect for extreme winter use.

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