Marangoni: Ringtread Blackline European Workshop

The 4th & 5th September 2014 Marangoni Retreading Systems has organized a dedicated event for its Premium Retreads line: Ringtread Blackline.

The participants, about 25 customers coming throughout Europe, have been  selected between the most important representatives of the Ringtread System Network and  met in Germany, nearby Henstedt Ulzburg.

“The goal of the event was, after a little bit more than one year from the launch of the Ringtread Blackline, to share the most important experiences made, the important activities that will be made at the end users level, and the product developments planned” says Giovanni De Bei, Marketing Manager Marangoni Spa.

In the presentation made, Marangoni shared all the testimonials made on the products, among the most relevant ones: RDG101 which is a high mileage all season drive, BUS400 the high mileage and wet grip performance for intercity buses, Energeco+ that represents the answer to low rolling resistance oriented fleets on drive axle, RTE Plus that gives a top mileage performance to the super-single tyres.

During the meeting were also presented all the Communication & Marketing tools that were produced for the Ringtread Blackline.

“The active participation of the most professional among our retreaders confirms the success of Ringtread Blackline in the premium retreads segments” states Christian Asmuth, Sales Director Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland.

Giuseppe Ferrari, Managing Director of Marangoni Retreading Systems, confirms: “We will keep investing time and economic resources in this important product line because the quality end of retreading market requires more and more “retreads as new” and with this line Marangoni and its best retreaders have all the competences to do so”.