Underground mining: the evolution of Marangoni retreaded tyres

The Marangoni range of retreaded earthmoving tyres now includes a new product, specifically designed for use on vehicles transporting materials in underground mines. This new profile, called MRN, is manufactured using Recaflex technology, in size 29.5R29. 

The new product has a deep, non-directional tread pattern (TRA code E4), guaranteeing excellent traction and high resistance to cuts and impact that may occur during operation in mines.
The loads involved and the asperity of the surfaces require very high performance and reliable tyres, and for this reason the new profile will be used for retreading the premium high-capacity and high-strength casings needed for these applications.

Marangoni is also pleased to present the evolution of the LISSE and MS profiles, which in size 18.00×25 are now manufactured not only in the version for industrial handling applications, but also in a version designed for retreading the tyres used on loaders operating in underground mines. This new UGM version of the LISSE and MS 18.00R25 is intended for retreading on original casings, featuring a very deep tread pattern (TRA code IND E5 / L5) and a compound designed especially for mining applications, guaranteeing long life and maximum protection against damage due to impact and rough terrain.

Through the development of profiles and specific compounds, for the last ten years or so Marangoni has been expanding its range of retreaded tyres for transport vehicles used in quarries and open-cut and underground mines.
In a sector featuring very strong product evolution, Marangoni intends to strengthen its offering through the development of tyres designed prevalently for the European market, able to meet demand with custom profiles, casings and compounds according to the different characteristics of the mines and user requirements.
The work done by the Marangoni Research & Development Department in fact means that users can customise the products, choosing not only the most suitable profile, but also the best type of compound according to the intended use of the tyre.

By applying a quality retreading process, Marangoni tyres can guarantee performance that is equivalent to premium brand new tyres, while at the same time offering a considerable reduction in hourly costs and representing the best response to market demands in terms of efficiency and savings.

Through its network of specialist distributors, Marangoni can also provide users technical support and expert service, suggesting the most suitable product for their application.