Marangoni: vehicle geolocation for the retreading business

For an organisation like Marangoni Commercial & Industrial Tyres – which covers the whole of Italy and comprises agents specialising in the sale of tyres for industrial applications (specifically truck and earthmoving tyres), as well as in the selection and collection of casings – efficiency and response to customer needs are critical success factors. As a result, the Trento company, leader in the retreading business, has now added an important new element to its customer service offering. All the vehicles available to sales and service personnel are now fitted with geolocation.
It is quite easy to understand how important constant and precise monitoring of vehicle position can be in terms of service improvement. Yet this also opens the way to exploiting the huge potential of geomarketing. The company can now plan its operations better, optimising customer service times and effectiveness, evaluating development opportunities and managing the division between the areas covered by the numerous resellers even more effectively.
“This important new tool will help us better understand what opportunities are available in terms of time vs. profit per customer, and thus focus out efforts much more efficiently”, commented Giovanni De Bei, marketing director. “This powerful tool is available across our sales and service network, made up of qualified agents and highly capable area managers, who will certainly be able to fully exploit its potential”.
At the same time as this technological development, the company has initiated an intense training plan for all sectors of the organisation affected by the system, containing geocoding information for every customer.
“This is a further step forward, following on from the major investment made over the last two years with the development of a computing system that can directly link operations at customer sites with the factory”, stated Luca Mai, sales director for Italy. “A system that allows agents, using a latest generation tablet and special software, to instantly have all the key information they need to go about their business in the best possible way, when they are physically with their customers: profile-casing combinations, product availability, etc.…”
The geolocation system was developed by Marangoni in collaboration with a leading specialist in the sector, however the company’s own contribution was decisive, especially in terms of specific skills. As Brenno Benaglia, sales director for this business unit, underlined with satisfaction: “The set-up of this sophisticated system was managed by the Marangoni IT department, following the company’s strategic guidelines established by the Marketing department, and then analysing the resulting processes. We can say that the offering in the Marix line and the other Marangoni Commercial and Industrial Tyres products is now even more high-tech regarding the product, the industrial process and the approach to the market.”