Marangoni Retreading Systems and Tire Solution Factory together at Saudi Transtec

Marangoni Retreading Systems in collaboration with Tire Solution Factory, partner retreading company for Saudi Arabia, was present at the fourth edition of Saudi Transtec.
Saudi Transtec is an exhibition dedicated to transport, cargo handling, warehousing and some areas of logistics. This global and well-attended exhibition was held in December at the Dhahran International Exhibition Center in Saudi Arabia with the participation of many Saudi Arabian and foreign exhibitors.
Tire Solution Factory and Marangoni Retreading Systems exhibited a range of tyres suited to the specific needs of the local market: a complex market that requires tyres constructed with suitable compounds to adapt not only to the high temperatures and thus ensure better heat dissipation, but also to the harsh road conditions. This was a topic of high interest among the many visitors to the stand.
The exhibition was also an opportunity to display and explain the Fleet Tyre Management system, a solution developed by Marangoni, which, based on tested and reliable computational simulations, allows fleet managers to have a complete description of the total cost of supplies, including all services and additional costs connected to it. This mode has proven to be the way forward, if the goal is the reduction of fleet operating costs, particularly in those areas where the costs associated with tyres are the first items of expenditure in the transport industry.
On the sidelines of the event Marangoni Retreading Systems, together with Tire Solution Factory, was one of the speakers at the “Achieving the Best Safety and Value for Commercial Vehicles through your Tyre Fleet” conference and focused on the management of tyres and the possibility of achieving the lowest cost per kilometre during the entire life of the tyre.
The Marangoni – Tire Solution Factory partnership intends to develop the presence of the Ringtread product in this difficult market. It is a collaboration which may represent an important source of growth and profit by offering users an exclusive product of the highest quality at the state of the art of Ringtread technology. The goal is, in fact, to help the end user to contain costs thanks to the use of highly reliable tyres able to ensure greater efficiency and to avoid the risk of vehicle downtime.
Joint participation in the exhibition was therefore an opportunity to show clients or potential clients the best that retreading technology has to offer: RINGTREAD is, in fact, the only retread in a circular shape. Without joints, it adheres to the casing, without any tension or deformation of the tread. Tests have shown that RINGTREAD is able to guarantee mileage equal to or higher than that of an original tread, reduction of costs per kilometre, reduction of vibrations, better balance, better heat dispersion, and an appearance identical to that of the original tyre.