Marangoni Meccanica innovates the truck tyre retreading process in the hot cure segment

The hot cure truck tyre retreading segment is facing a positive development in several markets due to the growing  presence of new truck tyre manufacturers both with their own production plants as well as with  their outsourced  programs. Besides being more similar to  the process used to produce new truck  tyres,  the hot cure retreading technology gained a new momentum over the last few years thanks to the  innovative  tyre building  process  developed by Marangoni Meccanica and deriving from the Alpha strip winding.

TRM, the division of Marangoni Meccanica dedicated to the development and sales of retreading machinery, confirmed also in 2013 the success of this technology with its top level building machines called “Black Dragon”. The Black Dragon, the best machine available on the market for bead to bead application, is available in two versions: the Black Dragon 90, featuring a rotating twin turret serving a 90mm extruder for tread application and a vertical extruder for sidewall application, and the bigger version Black Dragon 120 (formerly known as Alpha Twin Dual Black Swan), featuring a 120mm extruder for the tread and two sidewall extruders.
The two versions allow TRM to respond to the needs of all customers, from the medium size retreader focused on passenger/light truck retreading, to the largest truck tyre retreading plants where a high productivity machine such as the Black Dragon 120 is required.
Taking into consideration the two current versions and the previous version without sidewall applier, it is fair to say that almost all top European hot retreading plants rely on this machine for their activity, and the interest shown by the customers for this machine points to a positive 2014 as well.