MARIX ENERGECO. Marangoni technology reduces fuel consumption over long distances.

The increasing attention long-distance transport fleets are now paying to reducing fuel consumption is clearly evident by observing the changes in size, aerodynamics and engine capacity of recently registered vehicles. 

Further confirming the significance of this factor along the entire component supply chain is the priority on reducing rolling resistance compared to the other aspects defined by truck tyre labelling, in other words wet grip and noise.

The principal tyre manufacturers have for some time now been committed to improving performance in this regard in the segments and applications where it has the greatest impact, specifically long-distance transport, without however excessively penalising improvements in other characteristics, such as traction, wet grip and the duration.

The retreading sector, which already ensures significant environmental benefits by reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy, is also gearing up to respond to the planned extension of the labelling requirements to retreaded tyres. While the reasons for extending the requirements are self-evident, the actual procedures for applying these have yet to be defined.

Considering the size of the retreading market (currently in Europe around 6 million truck tyres are retreaded) and the potential for development that still exists in numerous markets and certain segments, failure to apply the labelling requirements to retreaded tyres would, in the long term, be negative for the sector, making the functions, qualities and image of the products more anonymous.

Awaiting introduction of these legislative changes, Marangoni Commercial & Industrial Tyres has initiated an important development and innovation program for its MARIX range of retreaded truck tyres, with the objective of improving the performance of one specific parameter – rolling resistance – which will be a decisive factor in the decision making process for professional users and fleets operating over long distances.

Marketed under the Energeco brand, which conveys the objective of energy savings and low environmental impact that are typical of retreaded tyres, the MARIX range of retreaded tyres for long distances covers a wide selection of the truck product catalogue, and has recently been upgraded with the objective of achieving equivalent levels of rolling resistance to new tyres.

This has been made possible by adopting a series of measures and innovations involving both the product and the process. The development of treads with differentiated configurations has been the main focus of the work carried out at the Marangoni Research & Development centre, using both the company’s own tyre tester and measuring footprint pressure distribution during testing.

Using this technology, it is possible to achieve constant rolling resistance levels, even in the presence of casings having different characteristics in terms of age, use and original pattern. At the same time, checking that pressure on the footprint is uniform allows mileage to remain unchanged in the different segments of application.


With a catalogue including over 56 references and 33 sizes, evenly distributed between the different axles, the MARIX Energeco range of retreaded truck tyres offers a solution for the needs of all users operating over long distances, and includes an increasing variety of models available in the bead-to-bead version to ensure a perfect finish and impeccable appearance of all the tyre’s components.

Marangoni manufactures its retreaded truck and earthmoving tyres at its Rovereto plant (Trento – Italy). Distributed on the Italian market through an extensive organisation that deals with both sales and the collection of used casings, the MARIX range is also available in most of Europe, either through direct subsidiaries (France, Germany) or specialist distributors.