Marangoni Retreading Systems consolidates and expands its presence in Central Europe

Throughout 2013, Marangoni Retreading Systems has consolidated the presence of the RINGTREAD™ system in the Baltic countries and in the Ukraine, strengthening its partnerships with two important operators in the truck tyre distribution and service sector.

Installation of an ITT 3000 Sfera shearographic inspection machine and a RingTreader building machine at Oscarrehvid OU, a company based in Tallin, Estonia, has completed the equipment at the retreading plant that opened this year, and allows the Estonian company to offer its users retreaded tyres that meet the highest technological and quality standards. 
Operating for some time now in the distribution of truck tyres, with six stores located in the country’s main transport nodes, Oscarrehvid OU has identified the RINGTREAD™ retreading system and its partnership with Marangoni as an opportunity to offer its users an increasingly customised service, and significantly cut lead times. 

The other market in which Marangoni Retreading Systems has recently strengthened its presence is the Ukraine, where this year two retreading plants have started operations using the RINGTREAD™ system, one located in Donetsk and the other in Kharkov. These two plants, equipped with Leonardo 2500 series electronic buffing machines, are operated by 100 Shin, a company based in Luhansk.
Operating on the Ukrainian market through a network of 15 stores, 100 Shin is one of the leading operators specialising in truck tyre distribution and service. As the company’s owner, Mr Andrey Vinnik declared, “by adopting the RINGTREAD™ retreading system, 110 Shin will further develop its retreading business, an important part of the package of services offered to Ukrainian fleets”.