Marangoni Tyre plant in Anagni

The Marangoni Group, leading worldwide company in the sectors of tyre retreading and machinery and systems for tyre production, has announced that it will cease new passenger car and van tyre production at its Anagni plant.

Despite the significant investments in financial and technical resources made over recent years to support production and employment – 34 million euros since 2005, in addition to the adoption of ordinary and extraordinary measures to protect jobs – the Anagni plant has not been able to overcome the current structural and market situation (including the increasingly widespread competition from low cost tyres manufactured outside of Europe) and the macroeconomic difficulties due to the global crisis (with demand for passenger car tyres in 2012 falling by 13% in Europe and 26% in Italy) that have emerged in recent years.
Continuity of deliveries will be ensured by the availability of stocks and additional supplies.

The around 400 employees at the Anagni plant will all be receiving unemployment benefits.  The Group confirms its desire and willingness to asses possible solutions with relevant organisations and parties in managing this difficult period. 

The Marangoni Group will concentrate and further develop its activities in the sectors of tyre retreading and machinery and systems for tyre production, which together account for 80% of total sales. In recent years, the company has been increasingly establishing itself in markets outside of Europe, such as North and South America, improving its economic performance and consequently succeeding in limiting the effects of the recession.