Marangoni Retreading Systems completes its RINGTREAD on/off range

The RINGTREAD on/off range is now complete, with the introduction of the MIX101 profile, designed for use on drive axles of vehicles operating in mixed road/quarry applications.

The MIX101 ring is a new version of the tried-and-tested MIX100 for less heavy-duty applications, with a non-directional pattern.
This original Marangoni pattern features a variable block arrangement to ensure excellent traction on any type of surface; specifically, the square tread profile means an exceptionally wide footprint that maximises grip on the road.
The wide opening of the shoulders ensures the tread is constantly kept “clean” of any stones, mud and water; moreover, the extensive reinforcing bridges on the central ribs provide resistance to impact and stability on soft ground (mud) as well as resistance to very aggressive road surfaces (stones/rocks).
Other features of the pattern include its exceptional sturdiness in the most demanding off-road conditions, and reduced risk of penetration by sharp bodies due to the reinforced cushion gum.
The profile also has another important feature: the ring is non-directional, ensuring greater flexibility and less risk of incorrect fitting.
Furthermore, the new profile is produced using a standard compound that makes it ideal for applications on less demanding routes, with the benefit of costing less than the MIX100.
The pattern is currently available in rings, in sizes 250M and 260M.

RINGTREAD is the only retreading system that uses joint-free precured rings that adhere to the casing without tension or deformation of the tread pattern, ensuring excellent traction on demanding surfaces, thanks to the greater precision and directional stability of the siping and blocks.

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