The challenge of the road brings out the best in us. Marangoni UHP tyres.

At Autopromotec, Marangoni will be presenting its range of Ultra High Performance tyres, including the M-Power summer tyre designed to highlight the performance features of supercars and sports cars, as well as the Meteo HP SUV, a high performance winter tyre for SUVs and crossovers, designed for continental European climates.
At its stand Marangoni will also be exhibiting its Toyota GT 86-R Marangoni Eco Explorer show car, the quintessence of elegance, fashion and sport, but also environmental friendliness..
At the Bologna exhibition centre, Hall 22 Stand A 46, from 22 to 26 May.

The traditional pillars of the Marangoni offer are production 100% Made in Italy; specialized and high performance products; the exclusive “Marangoni Lifetime Warranty” which protects the tyre from any damage sustained during normal road use; high level of service and, most importantly, great care and respect for the customer.
Major technological commitment has led the company to create a range that concentrates on high performance and special tyres, where the search for performance meets attention to safety and environmental sustainability.

Marangoni tyres are the only brand to be exclusively manufactured in Italy: they are conceived, designed, tested and made at the company’s plant in Anagni, near Rome, and on the futuristic MTM production line, installed at the Rovereto plant (Trento).

Marangoni M-Power: Extreme precision

Marangoni M-Power is the most advanced Marangoni ultra high performance tyre, designed to highlight and enhance the performance features of supercars and sports cars. Thanks to its innovative asymmetrical tread with optimised block binding system, M-Power is a tyre with extremely progressive handling, designed for a sporting drive with maximum comfort, fast but at the same time precise and safe, able to guarantee maximum grip, exceptional road holding when cornering and minimum braking distance.

M-Power represents a very important challenge for Marangoni, as this new tyre includes all of the most advanced technology developed by the Marangoni Group. Technology that derives from research and that has led to the development of M-Tech, the innovative technological platform for designing high performance tyres with progressive handling, and that involves unmatched attention to the production process and the preparation of materials. M-Tech derives from the experience acquired in different fields of tyre application, from industrial uses to motor racing.

M-Power is also available in the version for high performance SUVs.

The Marangoni M-Power range for cars includes seventeen sizes, in 18”, 19” and 20”, suited to be fitted on the most modern luxury sports cars, such as the Porsche Carrera, Audi R8, S5, RS6, Lamborghini Gallardo and BMW M3.

The Marangoni M-Power range for SUVs features eight sizes, 18”, 19” and 20”, suited to be fitted on the most modern and prestigious SUVs, such as the Mercedes ML, Mercedes G Class, BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport, Volvo XC90, VW Touareg, Audi Q7 and KIA Sorento.

Marangoni M-Power, like all tyres in the Marangoni range, is exclusively made in Italy.

Meteo HP SUV: The winter tyre for suvs

Excellent road grip, excellent lateral stability, resistance to aquaplaning and above all reduced braking distance: these are the features of Marangoni Meteo HP SUV, the Meteo HP tread pattern with reinforced casing structure, making it ideal for modern SUVs and crossovers.

On SUVs, all-wheel drive is often not enough on its own when driving on very slippery surfaces, above all when cornering, descending and braking suddenly: as a result, these types of vehicles need to be fitted with tyres that, like the Meteo HP SUV, are specially designed to respond with complete control even in the most demanding situations.
The Marangoni Meteo HP SUV range for cars includes thirteen sizes in 16”, 17”, 18”, 19” and 20”

Marangoni Meteo HP SUV, like all tyres in the Marangoni range, is exclusively made in Italy.

All Marangoni tyres are guaranteed for life

Marangoni protects its customers against any unwanted surprises with its Lifetime Warranty. This is a special initiative that the Italian company offers its customers. A service that makes Marangoni products even more advantageous, making them a more than convincing and affordable choice when compared to the numerous alterantives available on the market.
The Lifetime Warranty in fact covers the tyres not only against any manufacturing defects that may show up throughout the life of the tyre, but also against any accidental damage caused during normal road use. It is a unique initiative, aimed at establishing a relationship of trust between Marangoni  customers and the company that manufactures and markets them.