Marangoni expands its presence in the sector of industrial handling equipment

Exploiting its extensive experience in the retreading of earthmoving tyres, for several years now Marangoni has also started making significant investments in the sector of retreading tyres used for industrial handling equipment.
This important strategic decision is the result of the increasing need among companies operating in the port and intermodal sector to keep down costs, and has been possible thanks to the technological knowledge acquired by the Group from Rovereto (TN), Italy, as well as to its solid partnerships with highly-specialised service providers operating in the main areas of the European market.
Keeping down hourly costs means helping users choose the best tyres for their needs, providing them information on the most suitable profiles for the various applications, on where to fit the retreads and on how to use the products correctly throughout their life cycle. This major challenge is the result of teamwork by Marangoni professionals operating in different areas: research and development, technical service, production, product marketing and sales management.
The result of all this is a range of products for industrial handling equipment – specifically the equipment used to handle containers in ports and transport hubs – whose performance has to meet the expectations of the most demanding users. Luca Mai, Executive Manager Earthmover Tyres, stressed the importance of this strategic decision: “The company had been analysing the port and intermodal sector for some time, monitoring its increasing needs. It was therefore a question of matching demand with the supply of a specialist product, which Marangoni was able to create by giving a second life to the best tyres available on the market”.
Today, Marangoni supplies retreaded tyres that guarantee lower hourly costs for the companies operating in the sector, with a complete range that covers sizes 12.00×24 to 21.00×35 and that currently includes 25 different products. Marangoni’s expertise in research and development has also allowed it to produce specific compounds that guarantee excellent resistance to abrasion, combined with low heat generation.

One of the most significant products in the range is the MRL profile, specifically designed for retreading the 18.00-25 and 18.00-33 diagonal casings used by straddle carries and reach stackers. The objective is to ensure greater reliability and longer life even when the casings are subjected to significant sideways stress exerting strong twisting forces on the structure of the tyre.