BUS400: maximum grip in severe winter conditions

Marangoni Retreading Systems is pleased to announce the completion of the new winter range of Blackline rings with the presentation of the BUS400 pattern, just a few months after the line was first launched. This new-generation product meets the demands of the extremely competitive and selective intercity coach market, thanks to its ability to combine performance and quality.

The BUS400 profile has been designed to respond to the needs of the tourist coach segment, operating over long distances on major roads, however also on wet or snow-covered surfaces, where safe travel and good traction are essential requirements, while at the same time ensuring high mileage.

Consequently, the tyres intended for applications in this segment need to guarantee excellent traction, without losing out in terms of mileage.
The directional tread pattern features a variable block arrangement and deep 3D siping with interlock technology to ensure excellent traction on any type of surface; specifically, the square tread profile means an exceptionally wide footprint that maximises grip on the road, allowing the tread to adapt to continuous changes in both road and weather conditions during operation.
These features mean excellent control on wet, snow-covered and icy surfaces, but also high mileage, thanks to a new-concept compound that combines grip and mileage by ensuring low rolling resistance and lower fuel consumption.
Comparative tests against standard products show how these tyres feature up to 20 % more grip, for maximum mobility in all road conditions, and up to 10% higher mileage.

Finally the pattern is designed to ensure that the tread is constantly kept “clean” of any mud, snow and water, while tests have also highlighted a significant reduction in road noise, thus guaranteeing maximum comfort.

The profile is available in size 295/80R22.5.

The Blackline range is manufactured using the RINGTREAD system, the only retreading process that uses joint-free precured rings that adhere to the casing without tension or deformation of the tread pattern, ensuring excellent traction on demanding surfaces, thanks to the greater precision and directional stability of the siping and blocks.

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