MARANGONI: doubling the RINGTREAD production capacity at REIFEN MÜLLER

Marangoni Retreading Systems is pleased to announce the installation of a second Ringbuilder 3000 at Reifen Müller GmbH, one of the biggest European retreaders operating on the market.


This is a building machine introduced several years ago by Marangoni Retreading Systems, designed for large retreaders, and is able to produce at least 200 RINGTREADS in an 8 hour shift, while at the same time occupying a small space and featuring a high level of automation that guarantees outstanding productivity, savings in labour and faster processing times.

The RB 3000 makes it possible, with just one fully automated machine, to extrude the cushion gum directly onto the casing, fill the craters, apply and suitably roll the ring, thus creating a tyre that is ready to be cured.


Reifen Müller GmbH, a long-time Marangoni partner, was the first retreader in Europe to adopt this technology, and the excellent results achieved have convinced the company to install a second machine.

Uwe Müller, managing director of the German retreader, commented: “This second machine will help us further increase the efficiency, performance and quality of the cold retreading process”.