Toyota GT86-R Marangoni Eco Explorer: sport and technology in the new 2013 show car, fitted with Marangoni “M-Power EvoRed” tyres

Marangoni Tyre has chosen the Geneva Motor Show, Europe’s leading motoring exhibition, as the stage to launch its new show car. For the sixth year running, the company, proudly a manufacturer of “100% Made in Italy” tyres, will be stressing its strong Italian identity through its tuning version of the revelation sports car of 2012, the Toyota GT86.

The intriguing idea is to use unmistakable Italian style to improve something that is already excellent in itself: an operation that allows Marangoni to exploit all its research and innovation capabilities in different areas, from motorsport to the environment. Marangoni expresses a global and fascinating vision of the automobile, in which the tyres represent an essential and decisive element in terms of performance and style.

Put through the “creative works” by Simone Neri and his TRC Italia style centre, the Japanese sports car has been transformed into the Toyota GT86-R Marangoni Eco Explorer: the quintessence of elegance, fashion and sport, but also environmental-friendliness, underlining one of the core values of all Marangoni products. With original solutions: significant reductions in consumption and harmful emissions have been achieved using innovative ammonia fuel technology by Bigas International. When running on this experimental fuel system the car has “zero emissions”.

One litre of ammonia costs just 20 cents, and the 30 litres that the Toyota GT86-R tank can hold are enough to travel around 180 km. At engine speeds up to 2,800 rpm, the car can be fuelled on ammonia alone, then switching to direct injection and petrol at higher engine loads. Consequently, for city driving the car can almost completely run on ammonia. Due to the high energy output of ammonia the original and exciting performance potential of the GT 86 is maintained.

For the Toyota GT86-R, Marangoni presents “M-Power EvoRed”, a special set of flame-red 19” tyres. For this experimental version, Marangoni Tyre has developed a highly-ecological tyre, based on the standard M-Power, the maximum in Marangoni technological evolution and applied research.

By using third generation functionalized polymers, designed specifically for better interaction between silica and polymer, and the introduction of innovative experimental nanomaterials as more effective alternative fillers to carbon black, M-Power EvoRed has managed to achieve class B rating for rolling resistance and class A for wet braking. These two values, outstanding for ultra-high performance tyres, confirm the efforts made to ensure lower fuel consumption and increased safety that, together with maximum driving pleasure, are the focus of Marangoni’s main product development guidelines.

Completing this new project are partnerships with Italian companies, including Sparco for the interiors, and a series of cutting-edge technical solutions, such as the powerful braking system developed by Brembo. 

Events in 2013
The car will be previewed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, in Switzerland, from 7 to 17 March 2013. Throughout 2013, the GT86-R Marangoni will also be shown at the main European motoring exhibitions and events, as well as during some of the GT Academy events organised by Toyota Motor Italia.
Details on all the dates when the car will be on show are available on the Marangoni Facebook Fan Page:
and on the Marangoni Tyre website –

NH3 engine: the car that runs on ammonia
The GT86-R Marangoni has been fitted with the NH3 engine system, offering dual fuel supply. The car can in fact run on petrol, as originally equipped, or alternatively use ammonia stored in a separate rank. The NH3 design has been developed by Bigas International, a company that for more than 40 years has been focusing on the use of alternative energy sources. The system uses a special pressure reducer, called RI21JE, and a special control unit to make sure that all safety and reliability requirements involving the use of ammonia are met. 
This system completely eliminates fine dust particle emissions and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. The trials completed by BIGAS International as part of the Savia project analysed every aspect relating to compliance with current safety and pollution standards, testing the effectiveness of the solutions adopted on different prototypes over extended periods.
Ammonia has a higher energy content per kilogram than petrol, and is consequently an excellent source of energy. Industrial production costs are the same as petrol, however a wider variety of raw materials can be used to make it: coal, natural gas, water, in theory anything that contains hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen can be used, albeit with different yields. Storage and transport are similar to LPG, while the power delivered by the engine is the same as for petrol. 

In designing the interiors, as well as using quality materials such as Alcantara for the ceiling and some finishes in carbon, certainly outstanding are the Sparco R333 seats and a series of accessories such as the pedals and gear knob, both made by this famous Turin-based leader in motorsport products.
Body and design
The bodywork has been completely repainted. The roof is gloss black, while the bottom part of the car uses a special paint, the latest invention by German company Fashion Paint, called Flash Chrome. This paint’s extremely fine particle size, when combined with special clear coat, gives colour tones that change based on exposure, with sensational results. The design of the vehicle is inspired by the muscular Lexus LFA.
The front bumper has been redesigned by TRC Italia style centre, making the bottom centre intake wider, and repositioning the indicator and fog lights, a much sportier design solution compared to the standard version. The aluminium bonnet has been fitted with large air intakes, while the rear bumper has been completely modified, adding a newly-designed carbon air extractor. Carbon has also been used on the rear spoiler, the boot handle and on the mirror covers.

Power kit
Engine power has been boosted by 20 HP compared to the original version, with powerful delivery even at low revs. The power kit adopts a larger stainless steel exhaust complete with 200 cell metal catalyst, designed by English company Milltek Sport. The air intake has been modified using a special Sprintfilter aluminium air box with P08 polyester filter, the latest development by the Milan-based filter manufacturer.

Other features 
The already powerful standard braking system has been replaced with Brembo 6-pot calipers and composite disks with 355×32 diameter brake rotors on the front, and 4-pot calipers with 345×28 disks on the rear. This ensures absolute yet at the same time variable braking power.
The ruby red Marangoni “M-Power EvoRed” tyres, in the 225/35 R19 size on the front and 265/30R19 on the rear, are fitted on Barracuda Karizzma 8.5×19 wheels on the front axle, and 9.5×19 on the rear. The GT86-R now uses a KW suspension shock-absorber kit with lowering springs, completely adjustable in extension, compression and height, in this case lowered by 35 mm. 
All the components designed for the car will be marketed in 2013 by Florence-based TRC Italia