Marangoni Tyre’s new website: the look’s changed, but that’s not all

Graphic restyling, plus new contents and functions, on a website designed to be as clear and dynamic as possible, with special focus on customers: useful information and many, many functions and applications designed for tyre fitters and distributors, as well as end users.

Marangoni Tyre, the Marangoni Group company that manufactures and markets car, light transport and SUV tyres, all completely Made in Italy, is now online with its new website.
The website features completely upgraded graphics, as well as extra contents and functions. It presents the company’s business clearly and completely, with comprehensive information and details on the product range, and provides drivers a true mine of information on the best and most cost-effective way to use their tyres. The site is designed for fast, essential and dynamic browsing, with the aim to involve visitors and ensuring they can easily access all content.

A lot of space has been dedicated to motor racing and Marangoni’s tuning projects, with two sections full of photos, videos and multimedia contents.
In the “Tyre Guide” section, on the other hand, information and explanations are available on the new European eco-labelling regulations, which require compulsory labelling of all tyres sold in European Union member states. All the new labelling requirements – relating to rolling resistance (and consequently fuel efficiency), wet grip and noise – are also clearly shown in the tables listing the sizes available for each tyre in the product range.

The site’s customer-oriented philosophy is also clear from the series of applications and functions designed for tyre fitters and distributors, as well as end users. These include the “Dealer Locator”, an application for quickly finding the nearest Marangoni dealer anywhere in the world, and the “Tyre Selector”, helping users identify the most suitable Marangoni tyre for their car.
Direct customers (distributors and dealers), on the other hand, can access a special reserved area, where they can download Marangoni communication materials, automatically update Dealer Locator data, and use many other functions that are being continuously developed. A final reserved area is dedicated to Marangoni: the “Team Area”, where all Marangoni employees can exchange and share data, files and much more.

You can visit the website at: