MARANGONI strenghtens its presence in the industrial sector in France

Marangoni Industrie Manutention: service throughout France, for all fork lift truck requirements.

Founded in 1995 as France Pneus Industrie Manutention, a division of Groupe Simon, and then 100% acquired by Marangoni in 2011, Marangoni Industrie Manutention is a French leader in complete tyre service for fork lift trucks and similar machinery.

Following several years in which FPMI was a customer of the Industrial Tyres division for solid tyres, Marangoni realised the importance of the French organisation and the valuable experience of its team of professionals and decided to integrate it in its activities in order to get extensive coverage of such an important market as France.

The company’s two main offices, both including storage facilities, are located near France’s two biggest cities, Paris and Lyon, which also represent the country’s main industrial regions.

National coverage is then completed by the Metz agency/store, as well as a number of affiliated support centres. “The area where most of our development is focused is Paris, given the importance of the Île-de-France region nationally, obviously without neglecting the other areas”, stated Bruno Krausch, Marangoni Industrie Manutention sales director. “Our true strength though is the fact that we can reach customers wherever they are, and fit tyres on site. As well as the fixed presses operating at our centres, we have vans fitted with mobile presses with the possibility to fit tyres directly on the rims. So saying that M.I.M. is present everywhere”, Krausch continued, “is not a rhetorical claim but rather reflects the reality of a company that is able to respond quickly and effectively to its customers’ needs.” This flexible, indeed complete service, perfectly reflects what being part of a Group like Marangoni means, with the possibility to share specific, very high level know-how.

The company works with manufacturers of fork lift trucks as original equipment tyre supplier, with resellers and dealers of such machinery, and finally with end users, in other words various types of industrial companies. “It is clear that to be competitive at all these levels”, Krausch concluded, “you need a structure that is extremely well organised and efficient in providing customers the right response for every situation”.

The company offers all the products needed by the materials handling industry. From solid tyres, mainly branded Marangoni, to pneumatic tyres, as well as polyurethane fillers for the latter, aimed at maintaining efficient vehicle operation in the event of punctures.

It must also be stressed that demand for fork lift truck tyres and service is currently growing, given the increasing range of applications in which these are used, from industry to construction, from excavators to telehandlers, with advanced solutions and, naturally, with the professionalism of the M.I.M. technical staff and specialists.