AEO – Certificate

We have to react to globalisation and the modified international security situation.

After the terrorist attacks of 11th September, 2001 in the USA security considerations were included in the tariff law, but on the other hand the international trade should not be affected too much.

The long-term aim is the hedging of the international supply chain from the manufacturer to the end consumer; which is achieved by the AEO certification (AEO = Authorised Economic Operator).

An AEO-certified manufacturer is considered as a reliable and safe partner by the customs authorities due to the conformance of certain criteria and therefore, certain safety- and trading facilities are granted.

We achieved this certificate in July 2012.

The achievement of this certificate is however based on extensive conditions, i.e. adherence to customs regulations, an adequate book-keeping-, and logistic system, solvency as well as safety measure within the own company but as well in respect to business partners and service providers.

After conferring of the certificate there is a regular monitoring by the customs authorities which guarantees a close adherence of the regulations and at the same time to maintain the achieved status.

All these measures not only require extensive investments in regards of hard-, and software but as well an extensive assignment of personnel and also an upgrade of security equipment.

For all these efforts our customers get the guarantee of a safe supply chain from the manufacturer to the end consumer.


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