Technological innovation and attention to the market

Marangoni Retreading Systems is the business unit of the Marangoni Group that operates in the field of materials and technologies for tyre retreading. Thanks to a comprehensive and integrated range of products, it is the absolute leader in the precured retread market in Europe: today more than one quarter of cold retreaded truck tyres use materials produced by Marangoni Retreading Systems.
The Division has an annual turnover of over EUR 200 million (60% in Europe, 40% in the rest of the world); 7 manufacturing plants 2 of which are in Italy (Frosinone and Parma), one in Germany in Hamburg, one in the U.S. in Nashville, one in Brazil in Belo Horizonte and one in Argentine; and a workforce of 600, 350 of which are in Europe and 250 in other countries.
Marangoni Retreading Systems will be at Reifen Essen together with other companies of the Marangoni Group in Hall 3, where it will present visitors with its comprehensive range of products, services and programmes targeting both retreaders and motor transport fleets.
New technology: Sfera 3003
Innovation in RINGTREAD retreading technology for Marangoni Retreading Systems is driven not only by the concept of high automation of the process, but also to satisfy the market demands. In particular, the need to have more load space on the trailer has led to the production of low profile tyres, which are even less resistant than the 80 series. A direct consequence of the low profile tyres is the need to have a faster and more effective instrument to check the casing from bead to bead.
As a result of these needs Marangoni developed the Sfera 3003. It is a new generation of equipment intended for cold process large tyre retreaders for the complete inspection of the tyre without the need to rotate it.
Thanks to its three heads the Sfera 3003 is able to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously: an analysis of the tread occurs at the same time the sides are inspected without having to move the tyre.
These operations are part of a fully automated cycle which ensures high productivity, labour savings, reduction in processing time and consequent cost effectiveness.
By combining several steps of the process the use of the Sfera 3003 results in significant savings in terms of reducing inspection time.
The main features of the machine are: analysis only cycle time of 120 seconds (30 tyres/hr), floor to floor cycle time of 180 seconds (20 tyres/hr), and BtoB production doubled compared to smaller inspection machines.
The Sfera 3003 is a machine aimed at large retreaders who want to pursue the benefits of using RINGTREAD technology in the cold retreading process up to a maximum production of 160 RINGTREAD retreaded tyres per 8 hour shift.
RINGTREAD: The RDG101 is released
Marangoni Retreading Systems, assiduously pursuing the challenge of technological development and working to try to anticipate the needs of the tyre retreading market, has decided to take on a new challenge: the design and production of next-generation RINGTREAD rings able to overcome the existing incompatibility between mileage and grip performance.
The success of the RDG100 design has resulted in the development of the RDG101 profile that can be considered an evolution of the former, suited to meet the needs of the latest generation casings that require squarer shoulders and a wider footprint.
The RDG101 can be used on the drive axles of vehicles on regional, national and international transport routes.
It has a bidirectional, multifunctional and all-season design characterized by its wide footprint that facilitates adaptation to changing climatic and road conditions encountered during service. The special “interlock” siping present on the tread blocks ensures excellent control on wet, snowy and icy surfaces. This modern dimensional siping, in addition to being deeper, gives this all-season tread high resistance to tearing and very regular tread wear.
The profile is available in the following sizes: 315/80R22.5, 315/70R22.5 and 315/60R22.5.

RINGTREAD is the only retreading system using precured splice-free tread rings able to adhere to the casing without any tension or deformation of the tread design. RINGTREAD ensures good traction even on demanding surfaces thanks to the greater precision and alignment of the siping and tread blocks.
Furthermore, the profile is made with HP compounds suitable for low temperatures and able to provide the best possible grip on hazardous winter surfaces. The main advantages associated with the use of these special compounds include improved elasticity at low temperatures, reduced rolling resistance and a longer lifespan of the tread rubber under harsh abrasive conditions. Finally, HP compounds also allow the tyre to work at lower temperatures in conditions that lead to overheating, ensuring reduced casing fatigue and longer life.