New Marangoni tyres for telescopic handlers

Marangoni has expanded its product range in the sector of pneumatic tyres for telescopic handlers used in industry, construction and agriculture. The Italian brand has for the first time entered this rapidly growing segment, backed by the Marangoni Group’s extensive experience in the industrial tyre business.

The range includes tyres up to 28 inches, covering almost every possible application not only concerning sizes, patterns and uses, but above all as regards customer expectations in terms of performance. Indeed Marangoni has developed six different tread patterns to ensure maximum traction in all conditions, and a diagonal pattern that prevents sideways skidding. The sturdy reinforced sidewalls safeguard against the inevitable knocks and bumps on the sides that are typical of these applications.

“With these specific industrial tyres, Marangoni intends to satisfy demand in a rapidly expanding market for high capacity telescopic handlers used in industrial and harvesting applications” explained Lorenzo Stringari, sales manager for the Marangoni Group Industrial Tyres division.
“The requirements of these new vehicles, with higher load capacities than in the past, have meant evolution and further specialisation for our tyres.
A process we have achieved by applying our in-depth knowledge of the working procedures, vehicles and equipment currently available on the market”.

Specifically, models MT 63 and TI09 are designed and built to ensure reliability, stability and a good level of comfort. Traction is excellent, even for off-road use. “To improve efficiency, in other words, to bring down operating costs, it is essential to choose the most suitable tyre from a technical point of view and in relation to the different types of terrain”, Stringari continued. “This is why customers can rely on the Marangoni service network, covering the whole of Europe”.