Significant investment in technology at Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland

The establishment of Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland, which took place last September, was followed by a further step forward in the development of the German company’s expansion plans: the approval of the 2012 investment plan at the end of January providing for considerable capital spending on which the company will focus in the second half of the year.

Changes in the cold retreading market and continuing efforts to achieve competitive advantages and greater benefits for customers have led the Marangoni Group to invest around € 2 million in the installation of a second Alpha Ring line, thus putting an end to the current economic uncertainty caused by market slowdown.
Purpose of the investment: to double RINGTREAD production capacity in Hamburg.

With the Alpha Ring technology, the entire ring moulding process is controlled by integrated software that manages every single phase: from extrusion of the raw rubber directly into the moulds, to building the finished ring, allowing a continuous cycle without operator intervention, thus optimising the quality of the finished product without increasing costs.
This brings many important advantages: savings in terms of resources used, space occupied and energy consumption, increased productivity, improved product quality and reduced environmental impact of the process.

Matthias Leppert, Managing Director of Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland, stated: “We started out by offering rings, then in 2004 the first Alpha Ring line was installed; this quickly reached saturation, hence the decision to invest in a second line. The second line will double ring production capacity: annual production will be around 4500 tonnes and this will allow us to serve and develop, from our site here, all German speaking markets, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe”.

The investment will ensure the creation of an extremely modern plant, with potential for growth and the opportunity for the Hamburg site to play a key role in the Marangoni Group’s strategy in Europe.

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