A double TWI indicator for the winter Marix retreads

“The retreaded winter tyres Ecogrip and Ecotrac of the Marix Ecology series have a double TWI (tread wear indicator)” says Brenno Benaglia, Sales Director of the Commercial & Earthmover Tyres division of Marangoni SpA, as – in view of the upcoming winter season – he reminded us of some of the characteristics of the car retreads that are manufactured in the establishment of Rovereto. 

“We have in fact”, continues Benaglia, “planned a second TWI indicator for these products. We added the second indicator to help us identify when a residual sculpture of less than 4 mm is reached, which could compromise the performance and safety of the vehicle under winter conditions and snow, in addition to the 1.6 mm indicator that is required by law”. 

The retreaded Marix Ecology winter tyres are suitable for use even when the temperature goes under 5-7° C, regardless of the road conditions: dry, wet or covered with snow. The development of the specific silica-based compounds with advanced characteristics that are able to ensure a better adherence in case of low temperatures, even way below zero, is the basis of this Marix Ecology tyre evolution. 
The Marix Ecology tyres of the Ecogrip and Ecotrac series can be used up to the legal 1.6 mm limit when the retreads are worn beyond 4 mm, just like normal non winter tyres.

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