Marangoni Evoque HFI-R: the new 2012 show car fitted with Marangoni “M-Power EvoRed” tyres

Marangoni Tyre, the manufacturer of “100% Made in Italy” car tyres, has chosen the Bologna Motor Show to present its new 2012 show car, once again exploiting the leading Italian motoring event for the occasion. The vehicle will be on show in hall 26, at the GL Events stand, to promote the upcoming “My Special Car Show” in Rimini.

Marangoni has thus for the fifth consecutive year chosen to communicate its focus on research, the environment and sport through a show car, the new Range Rover Evoque, which is currently one of the biggest hits on the automobile market.
The idea to use unarguable Italian style to improve something that in itself is already fascinating is a challenge that reflects Marangoni’s desire to continuously put itself to the test, to explore and search for the best solutions and showcases for its products.
The result of this style project is called Marangoni Evoque HFI-R, the quintessence of elegance, fashion and sport. But that’s not all. The Marangoni Evoque HFI-R, based on a Si4 2.0 Turbo petrol engine model, has been tuned to deliver 300bhp, but still manages to significantly reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions by exploiting innovative combined hydrogen and natural gas technology. The HFI (Hybrid Fuel Injection) system can be supplied with hydrogen-natural gas mixes in varying percentages, as well as natural gas only, and is a valid ‘ecological’ and ‘economical’ solution, as these fuels do not pollute and are easy to source.

Especially for the Evoque HFI-R, Marangoni has developed “M-Power EvoRed”, a special set of 20” ruby red coloured tyres. In this experimental version, the compounds used feature a high silica content along with innovative materials that minimise rolling resistance and consequently fuel consumption.
The special “M-Power EvoRed” tyres have been developed by utilising the same platform as the Marangoni tyre M-Power range. This new ultra high performance product from Marangoni has just recently been introduced to the market, with sales results already exceeding expectations. The Marangoni M-Power range is the result of considerable investments in technology and research that have allowed Marangoni to develop a product with a sporting soul, extremely high performance and progressive handling, designed to ensure maximum driving pleasure and the highest level of safety.

Complimenting the new design is the car’s stunning interior, provided by the very-Italian fashion brand Conte of Florence, which gives the car a sporting and at the same time elegant soul, in perfect symbiosis with the style of the specially developed sportswear.

Once again Marangoni has released a world first by reinterpreting a car that is brand new on the market. The design project was managed, as in the past, by the TRC Italia style centre, under the guidance of Simone Neri.


The car will make its worldwide debut at the upcoming Motor Show in Bologna, Italy, from 3 to 11 December 2011. Throughout 2012 the Marangoni Evoque HFI-R will also be shown at many main European motoring exhibitions and events. For details on where you can see the car, go to the Marangoni website – – or sign up to the fan page on Facebook!/pages/Evoque-HFI-R-Marangoni/295892843778432 

HFI Hybrid Fuel Injection engine

The Marangoni Evoque HFI-R has been fitted with an “HFI” Hybrid Fuel Injection dual-fuel engine. The vehicle can in fact now use the original petrol engine or alternatively a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas from a separate tank. This gives the car a range of 1,000 km when both tanks are full. The HFI technology has been developed by Bigas International, a company that for more than 40 years has been focusing on the use of alternative energy sources. The system features a special pressure reducer called the RI27J, and a control unit that ensures both the safety and reliability that the use of hydrogen requires.
The system can thus completely eliminate fine particle emissions and reduce CO2 emissions by the same percentage as the hydrogen contained in the mix, even exceeding 30%. The final stage of trials, performed by Bigas International in collaboration with the Department of Energy at the Florence University Engineering Faculty, included analysis of all aspects relating to safety and pollution standards in force, after testing the effectiveness of the solutions adopted on a prototype.  


In designing the interior, as well as using quality materials such as leather, Alcantara and carbon, Conte of Florence applied special “quilting” to the car’s upholstery in an attempt to evoke the golfing traditions of Scotland. Moreover, the large embroidered brand recalls the Tour Line logo, worn with pride by the brand’s sponsored golfers in official competitions. The diamond patterns with double stitching, along with the design and colours used in the HFI-R reflect some of the themes of the Conte of Florence 2011-12 Autumn-Winter collection, available at more than 80 single-brand stores and around 800 multi-brand stores in Italy and abroad.  

Body and design

The bodywork of the car has been completely repainted. The roof and pillars are gloss black, while the main body of the car uses a special paint, the latest invention by German company Fashion Paint, called Titanium Fluid Metal. This has a very fine grain that when combined with 100% matte clear coat offers tones of satin aluminium that change effect based on light exposure, with sensational results.
The front bumper has been redesigned, making the bottom centre intake wider, typical of more sporting cars. The bottom door mouldings also have a more distinctive design. The aluminium bonnet has been fitted with the air intakes as seen on the coupe versions, while the rear bumper has been completely modified, removing the two evident rear fog lights on the sides and adding a carbon fibre diffuser.
Carbon has also been used to make the wheel arches, the air intakes in the wheel wells, the boot handle, all the bottom door guards and the mirror covers. The latter also feature small Italian flags that continue the line of the integrated side indicators.
Certain parts, such as the front grill, the air intakes on the bonnet and door handles, have been painted gloss black to create contrast with the matte titanium body.

Power kit

Engine power now reaches 300bhp, a good 59bhp more than the original version, with powerful delivery even at low revs. The power kit also includes a new modified turbocharger and adopts a larger stainless steel exhaust complete with 200 cell metal catalyst. The engine air intake has also been modified using a specially designed carbon air box.

Other features

The already powerful standard braking system has been replaced with innovative Tarox B360 10-pot calipers and composite disks, with 330×26 diameter brake rotors, for absolute yet at the same time variable braking power.
The ruby red Marangoni “M-Power EvoRed” tyres in 255/30R20 size are fitted on Oz Racing Dakar 8.5×20 rims.
All the components designed for the car will be marketed in 2012 by Florence-based TRC Italia.

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