Marangoni winter tyres. Keep moving – Safely

To keep motorists moving safely during the coming winter season, Marangoni proposes a range of winter tyres that offer the very best performance, even at the lowest of temperatures; a range of tyres capable of offering high performance at low temperatures, covering all car segments and in different versions for continental European climates and the harsh winters of northern Europe, moreover growing every year with the introduction of new sizes, including for SUVs.
The Marangoni winter range is designed to ensure exceptionally balanced performance in all winter conditions, not only on snow and ice, but also on wet and dry cold winter roads.
For medium- and high-power cars and the latest SUVs Marangoni proposes Meteo HP and Meteo HP SUV, while 4Winter is ideal for city and utility cars. The range is completed by the Meteo Grip E+ studdable tyres, for mid-sized and small cars, and 4 ICE E+, the winter tyre designed to take on the extreme climates of Nordic countries, also available in a version specifically designed for SUVs. Finally, 4 WINTER comm is the brand new winter tyre designed for light transport applications.

The evolution of the Marangoni winter tyre range is above all due to the inclusion of specific Marangoni group technologies, the latest example of which is 4WD (4 Winter Driving). The technological and constructional features of a tyre change according to its use, however 4 Winter Driving technology manages to ensure an excellent balance of performance in all typical winter conditions, meaning not just on snow and ice, but also in the dry and in the wet, ensuring maximum safety even in the worst weather conditions.

All Marangoni tyres are designed, developed and made in Italy.

New for 2011-2012 winter season: 4 Winter Comm

New for the coming winter season is the Marangoni 4 WINTER COMM, designed for light transport and previewed at Autopromotec.
Developed using the 4WD technological platform, 4Winter Comm has been designed to ensure safety through exceptional grip on snow and on mixed or wet surfaces in the coldest months of the year.
To create 4 Winter Comm, Marangoni has combined the experience acquired in the development of the new e-comm light commercial tyres with the 4WD (4 Winter Driving) winter technology. Underpinned by the characteristics of reliability and comfort developed with e-comm, 4 Winter Comm offers additional performance on snow and ice that puts it at the top of the market.

Designed to provide the maximum in extreme winter conditions, the special pattern of longitudinal grooves nonetheless ensures a perfect balance between resistance to aquaplaning and grip on snow, making 4 Winter Comm a high performance tyre also on the mixed or wet surfaces that are typical of the transition seasons. The new tread compound with low hysteresis and high grip gives the tyre extremely safe road behaviour, even on icy surfaces where braking and traction performance make the real difference.

The Marangoni 4 Winter comm range includes 13 sizes, from 195/60 R16 to 215/75 R16.

195/60 R16 C 8PR 99/97 H
195/65 R16 C 8PR 104/102 T
205/65 R16 C 8PR 107/105 T
215/65 R16 C 8PR 109/107 T
225/65 R16 C 8PR 112/110 R
235/65 R16 C 8PR 115/113 R
195/70 R15 C 8PR 104/102 R
205/70 R15 C 8PR 106/104 R
215/70 R15 C 8PR 109/107 R
225/70 R15 C 8PR 112/110 R
195/75 R16 C 8PR 107/105 R
205/75 R16 C 8PR 110/108 R
215/75 R16 C 8PR 113/111 R

Meteo HP: the specialist high performance winter tyre

Marangoni Meteo HP is the specialist high performance winter tyre designed for medium-high range cars (sports cars, sedans and station wagons) and for typically alpine and central European winters. The Marangoni Meteo HP is available in 23 different sizes, ranging from 195/55 R15 to 225/40 R18 for 15, 16, 17 and 18 inch wheels.

The Marangoni Meteo HP has an asymmetrical tread pattern, with four longitudinal grooves and dense variable-angle siping. The results are outstanding and constant performance over an exceptionally wide range of ambient temperatures for a winter tyre, efficiency on any road surface, especially on snowy and icy ground, yet at the same time comfortable travel over long distances on the motorway at sustained speed. Indeed, the speed rating reaches the level of summer tyres: up to tyre code V, that is, 240 km/h.
So, Meteo HP does not just mean snow, but rather its strength lies in its high level of driving comfort and its complete performance over different road conditions at low temperatures, making it the no-compromise winter tyre, to be used from October to April.

Meteo HP for cars
225/40 R 18 T.L. XL 92 V
205/45 R17 T.L XL 88 V
225/45 R 17 T.L. XL 94 V
205/50 R 17 T.L. XL 93 V
215/50 R17 T.L. XL 95 V
225/50 R 17 T.L. XL 98 V
195/55 R 15 T.L. 85 H
195/55 R 16 T.L. 87 H
205/55 R 16 T.L. XL 94 H
215/55 R 16 T.L. XL 97 H
225/55 R 16 T.L. XL 99 H
215/55 R 17 T.L. XL 98 V
225/55 R 17 T.L. XL 101 V
195/60 R 15 T.L. 88 H
195/60 R 15 T.L. 88 T
205/60 R 15 T.L. 91 H
205/60 R 16 T.L. XL 96 H
215/60 R 16 T.L. XL 99 H
195/65 R 15 T.L. 91 H
195/65 R 15 T.L. 91 T
195/65 R 15 T.L. XL 95 T
205/65 R 15 T.L. 94 H
205/65 R 15 T.L. XL 99 T

The Marangoni Meteo HP is also available in the version for SUVs, with a wider tread and a reinforced casing.
The Meteo HP SUV is currently sold in 10 different sizes, from 215/65 R16 to 235/60 R18, for 16, 17 and 18 inch wheels.

Meteo HP for SUV
255/50 R 19 T.L. XL 107 V
235/55 R 17 T.L. XL 103 V
235/55 R 18 T.L. XL 104 V
255/55 R 18 T.L. XL 109 V
215/60 R 17 T.L. XL 100 H
235/60 R 18 T.L. XL 107 V
215/65 R 16 T.L. XL 102 H
225/65 R 17 T.L. 102 H
235/65 R 17 T.L. XL 108 V
215/70 R 16 T.L. 100 H

Marangoni 4WINTER: the tyre designed for city cars and small segment cars

4WINTER is the Marangoni tyre developed for small segment A cars such as the Citroen C1, Opel Agila, Suzuki Splash and Toyota Aygo, and for compact segment B cars such as the Citroen C3, Ford Ka, Peugeot 107, Renault Clio and VW Lupo. The Marangoni 4 WINTER range is available in seventeen different sizes, from 155/70 R13 to 185/65 R15, for 13, 14 and 15 inch wheels.

The tyre has a directional tread pattern featuring three longitudinal grooves and optimised sequences of side blocks, designed to guarantee maximum grip on snow-covered and icy surfaces, and is also highly effective at low temperatures on wet roads.

185/55 R 15 T.L. 82 H
185/60 R 14 T.L. 82 T
185/60 R 15 T.L. XL 88 T
155/65 R 14 T.L. 75 T
165/65 R 14 T.L. 79 T
175/65 R 14 T.L. 82 T
175/65 R 14 T.L. XL 86 T
185/65 R 14 T.L. 86 T
175/65 R 15 T.L. 84 T
185/65 R 15 T.L. 88 T
155/70 R 13 T.L. 75 T
165/70 R 13 T.L. 79 T
165/70 R 13 T.L. XL 83 T
175/70 R 13 T.L. 82 T
165/70 R 14 T.L. XL 85 T
175/70 R 14 T.L. XL 88 T
185/70 R 14 T.L. 88 T

4ICE: designed for the cold winters of the north

For particularly demanding situations, such as winter driving in Scandinavian countries, the Marangoni 4ICE is the best choice.
This again is a tyre with a directional tread pattern that, with its special dovetail siping, guarantees perfect traction in any situation, ensuring maximum driving safety even in the worst weather conditions.
The Marangoni 4ICE is currently available in 11 different sizes that range from 175/65 R14 to 215/65 R16, for 14, 15 and 16 inch wheels.

4ICE for cars
225/45 R 17 T.L. XL 94 T
225/50 R 17 T.L. XL 98 T
205/55 R 16 T.L. XL 94 T
215/55 R 16 T.L. XL 97 T
185/60 R 15 T.L. XL 88 T
205/60 R 16 T.L. XL 96 T
215/60 R 16 T.L. XL 99 T
175/65 R 14 T.L. XL 86 T
185/65 R 14 T.L. XL 90 T
185/65 R 15 T.L. XL 92 T
195/65 R 15 T.L. XL 95 T

The Marangoni 4ICE too is available in the SUV version.

4ICE for SUV
215/65 R 16 T.L. XL 102 T
225/65 R 17 T.L. 102 T
235/65 R 17 T.L. XL 108 T

The Marangoni winter range, designed with the environment in mind

As well as road safety, Marangoni has always focused on respect for the environment, and not only through its commitment to an environmentally compatible production process, but also by manufacturing highly ecological tyres.
Marangoni uses the exclusive E+ technology on all its winter products. This technology involves the use of environmentally-friendly compounds that are completely free of aromatic oils, in accordance with European directive 76/769/EEC, which specifies that started 1 January 2010, all tyres sold on the market must have a PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) content of less than 10mg/kg.
The use of this technology demonstrates Marangoni’s commitment to one of its fundamental values, ecology, which translates in practice into care and respect for the environment.

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