BUS100: high mileage and regular wear

Marangoni Retreading Systems, tirelessly pursuing the challenge of technological development and striving to constantly anticipate the needs of the tyre retreading market, has accepted a new challenge: the design and production of new generation, multi-purpose RINGTREADS that can be considered, within their specific segment, all-position and all-season patterns.

One of these new generation RINGTREAD designs is the BUS100, available for retreading city bus and intercity coach tyres with the objective to improve overall efficiency by increasing mileage and reducing running costs.

This pattern features a wide footprint, increased by more than 5% to improve mileage, and solid and sturdy shoulders to guarantee maximum resistance when hitting against sidewalks or footpaths.

Moreover, the special interlock siping on the reinforced and stabilised tread blocks improves traction, ensures excellent road grip and regular tread wear. These modern dimensional sipes, as well as being deeper, give the all-season tread high resistance to tearing and very regular tread wear.

This innovative pattern is created using a completely automated process, extruding the rubber directly into the moulds, for perfect uniformity of the final tread ring .
In addition, the profile is made using innovative compounds, suitable for city use, able to withstand continuous stop/starts and at the same time ensuring maximum mileage performance.

The main advantages from using these special compounds include better rebound at low temperatures and reduced rolling resistance, allowing a longer tyre life in extremely stressful conditions. These compounds also allow the tyre to operate at lower working temperatures in conditions that cause overheating, ensuring reduced casing fatigue and longer life.

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